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Member feedback from experienced public and private sector non-executive director, Cynthia Alers.

Why Sir James Wates, Chairman of the government appointed coalition group which produced The Wates Corporate Governance Principles for Large Private Companies, is a NEDonBoard member, and the importance of corporate governance evolution in large private companies.

“Excellent course for any aspiring or experienced (non-executive) director who would like to get to grips with, or refresh their knowledge of, directors’ duties and responsibilities in the UK or get up to speed on the corporate governance framework in the UK. Delivered by experts, it contains practical tips and actionable guidance. The course overview and links to primary sources and codes help the user navigate the main content and enhance the user’s experience.” – LM

“These are great starter modules for any new NED and also a good reminder for those more experienced in the role, particularly around recent changes to UK Corporate Governance Code. Clear and concise overviews of important topics by subject experts. Successful completion of a short online test will provide you with a NedonBoard course certification – perfect to add to your CV!” – NH

“Thank you for a very beneficial webinar yesterday.
I was delighted to have so many of my understandings/suspicions confirmed. I am pleased I am heading in the right direction & that I will hopefully soon be in a strong position to apply for a suitable role.
I very much appreciate all you are doing to help, guide & support us in our quest.” – RM

“I did enjoy the presentation last week. The practical tips on differentiating yourself and demonstrating what you can offer to an organisation was particularly useful.” – AF

“Thank you for arranging the ESG and Climate Change event, which I thought went really well.
Both Richard and Myles were excellent  and the format through Zoom also worked well.
Liv,  I liked the way you asked each participant to share their thoughts and then periodically ask Richard and Myles to comment. This really made the session more of a discussion, which for virtual sessions is so important.
Great event and many thanks.” – US

“I learnt a lot, especially regarding identifying classic mistakes and developing my unique value proposition. I look forward to continuing my learning.” – JS

“Thank you for the session, very enjoyable and engaging, with open discussion on differing views on the topics’
Online roundtable discussion.” –  Nick Fisher, NEDonBoard member

“The programme is informative, insightful and well executed, it deals with all the important aspects that a person considering embarking on a NED journey should familiarise themselves with.” – SG

“This programme empowers aspiring NEDs towards their goal of attaining a NED appointment. The programme is well structured and comprehensive, it gives you all the resources required to get to the boardroom.” – MW

I can fully recommend the NED Accelerator Programme; it’s a one-stop source to help you transition from an operating exec to an effective non-executive director.” – SW-G

I am enjoying the course. I feel it is a beneficial investment in my career and will provide me with the necessary content to ensure I am prepared for NED interviews and prepared to start my portfolio. My learning outcome will enable me to secure a NED role easier and faster.” – JS

How NEDonBoard members use their membership and their tips

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“A very useful day. Professional and well run. I attended NEDonBoard’s ‘Become a Non-Executive Director’ course in February 2017. The content was well focussed, with good advice on role search, Board conduct and legal frameworks. I would highly recommend the day for those new to the NED environment, or as a refresher.”  – MW

“I have been very impressed by the quality of events organised. Thanks to these regular events and presentations made by NEDonBoard, I had the opportunity to develop my network, with people from various sectors, meet with high level profiles and understand better NED roles. Trainings are also fantastic and very useful. I would definitely recommend NEDonBoard to anyone who is pursuing a NED role.” – LC

“I would like to thank JP and his team for the useful process and platform which we used to recruit two new non-execs for our Board. We received numerous high calibre applications directly through the platform, among which 1/3 where selected for interviews and are pleased to welcome one of them as a new NED to our Board. We would like to thank NEDonBoard for helping us get the message out. Separately we also attended one of the London events which were excellent learnings and networking opportunities – we highly recommend these for anyone looking to connect with suitable non-exec professionals.”  – BB

“Thank you all for being excellent panellists today. We covered a great deal of territory and provided some practical pointers for moving the dial on Board diversity. It was also a rare pleasure to be chairing an all-female panel on this or any other topic!” – GK-C

“I learn more about being an effective NED and legal responsibilities: all was very useful and to the point.” – DJ CBE

“It was a great network meeting outstanding and unconditional people.” – DF

“We received an excellent candidate for our Chair vacancy via your website, who we have met informally. He will start next month. Thank you very much.” – GH

“I very much enjoyed it as the conversation continued. We seemed to have something for those on audit committees and some not. Well done to Mary as our chair of course!” – BF

“The responses we have had for this role are strong. It was quite difficult to recruit […] I found the service I received to be very prompt and professional and of very good standard and I’m sure that we will be coming back to NEDonBoard to recruit in future.” – AM

“The opportunity to understand more about the best way to present your CV, develop more targeted approaches to securing NED roles and once in role the way to be most effective in working within and collectively acting as a Board.” – MH

“The advert for Non-Exec on NEDonBoard has proven very useful as we have had more response than over a 12 month period when advertising on others websites. We have now recruited 1 high caliber person to our Board and have 2 others to interview. We are very pleased with the service and would recommend it.” – SB

“The Conference was very enjoyable, with some interesting delegates to talk to. I particularly enjoyed the panel session on diversity – by far the best session with an extremely talented panel and great Chair.” – AB

“We were looking for someone with finance experience to support our fast growing organisation and we not only found a range of excellent candidates through NEDonBoard but the process was also very easy. Thank you for your support.” – SG

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course on Friday and found it to be of immense value.” – JG