NEDonBoard Board Best Practice – Chairs

In September 2018, NEDonBoard hosted a series of roundtable discussions with the experienced portfolio board chairs; committee chairs; NEDs, company secretaries and CEOs. Following this, NEDonBoard hosted a panel discussion sharing some of the key insights from both the round table discussions and personally of the panellists.

The panel discussion was recorded for NEDonBoard members unable to attend, and can be viewed here – a worthwhile watch for any aspirant chair and those experienced in the role looking to continue the learning journey.


Remuneration and NED roles

Remuneration for non-executive directors is a hot topic and can be very varied. To understand some of the key points around remuneration for non-executive directors, NEDonBoard interviewed Nicki Demby, a Partner at Deloitte specialising in tax and remuneration; as well as interviewing NED Award Winner, Gillian Wilmot around some of the key considerations for a NED role.