Is Being on the Remuneration Committee a Headache or an Opportunity?

One non-executive position that is often viewed with an exceptional amount of ambiguity is the assignment to the remuneration committee. The remuneration committee is a board within the board that is established for the purpose of ensuring that all remuneration arrangements work within the structure of the business strategy for the purpose of the motivation,…

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How to Become a Non-Executive Director?

Whether you are an experienced professional in the industry or a young working professional, you should know that becoming a non-executive director is no walk in the park. Even professionals with decades of experience have to work hard to secure their first appointment in this well sought out role. So, the question is – how do you become a NED in a field where the requirements are stringent and the competition is tough? Read on to know more: (more…)

5 intrinsic capabilities and 10 questions to Become a Non Executive Director

“Spencer Stuart, the search firm, has identified five “intrinsic capabilities” required of a non-executive director in an effort to widen the pool of potential candidates, writes Peter Whitehead. They are: intellectual approach, independent-mindedness, integrity, interpersonal sills, and inclination to engage. The firm tests for these attributes using interviews. In its Point of View report for 2013,…