One-Eighty is a psychological behavioural support charity that seeks to inspire young
people, often on the fringes of education and society, to live motivated and successful lives.
Young people we work with are often struggling with difficult family circumstances, be it
witnessing domestic abuse within the home, acting as carers to family members, dealing
with parents taken into custody, suffering a bereavement, or living within the care system.
These difficulties then translate into problems in school, with poor attendance, low
educational achievement and disruptive behaviour being common, as are criminal activity,
drug or alcohol abuse or self-harm.
As an independent charity, we seek to fill gaps in provision from statutory services, and have
the flexibility to into a young person’s home and community in addition to their school, in
order to identify the cause of their behavioural problems. From this platform, we design an
intervention plan specific to their needs as we seek to re-engage and re-inspire these young
The charity is in a period of rapid growth, with an annual turnover of approximately
£350,000, and expansion of our services from our original base in Oxfordshire to locations in
Buckinghamshire, Swindon, Kent and Greater London (where we have a second set of
offices) in the last few years. We also recently won the accolade of Oxfordshire Charity of
the Year from OCVA.
We are looking to recruit two new trustees to our diverse, multidisciplinary board: a
treasurer and a trustee with a background in psychology/therapy . As treasurer, you
would help advise One-eighty to better manage their finances and keep management
accountable for their spending. As a psychology/therapy trustee, you would help guide the
board on how One-eighty can better incorporate psychological/therapeutic models and
theories into our work, in order to continue to deliver evidence-based services which
maximise positive outcomes for our vulnerable young clients.
Trusteeship requires a commitment to attend trustee board meetings in Oxford for 2-3 hours
once every six weeks, and to spend an average of 4 hours/month supporting the Senior
Management Team. The role is unpaid, but travel and other expenses will be met. For a full
description of the role and person specification, or with any other informal queries, please
contact Stacey Jackson by email at stacey.jackson@one-eighty.org.uk . To apply, please
email a CV and covering letter to the same address.