As a member of our Advisory Board, you will help to guide NEDonBoard in fulfilling its vision, mission and targets. NEDonBoard has ambitious plans to increase the quality and scale of what it has to offer and our committed team will be at the centre of that drive to achieve excellence, championing NEDs and board members who will contribute to the wellbeing of the economy. You will have an opportunity to influence and shape NEDonBoard’s strategy, mission and values in its role as the professional organisation for non-executive directors.


We are particularly interested in applications from those with expertise in education, membership development or community engagement, HR and organisational development, digital marketing or sponsorship programmes, networking or relationship building, diploma development or course training  and professionals who are business savvy.


As an  individual, we would like to see that you are energetic and passionate, and that you can effectively combine these personal attributes with your experience of leading organisations, engaging with, constructively challenging, and supporting the strategic direction of NEDonBoard. You have the vision, independence of judgement and commitment to help NEDonBoard thrive in the years to come. You are entrepreneurial in your style and through experience, understand the diverse needs of start-up and growing companies and can use this insight to advise and guide business plans and growth. You will have an extensive network of relevant contacts and exceptional commercial aptitude.


Please visit www.nedonboard.com/advisory-board for more details and how to apply.


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About NEDonBoard

NEDonBoard is the professional organisation for non-executive directors (NEDs) in the UK. NEDonBoard serves non-executive directors and board members by promoting the highest standards of professional excellence, ethics and education for board members. NEDonBoard serves hundreds of public and private organisations, SMEs and charities in helping them to identify and connect with non-executives.  As of today, NEDonBoard is the main professional organisation for non-executive directors in the UK with a 50,000 audience, 3000+ Board jobs published and 700+ attendees to our events across the UK and course attendees over the year.


Our mission is to shape the non-exec and board landscape and improve how public and private entities are run. Ultimately, it is to inspire, inform and professionalise the board member role. NEDonBoard’s mission is not only to serve non-executives and board members but ultimately to improve how businesses and organisations operate. NEDonBoard believes every board member is an agent of progress and each organisation should find its own ways.


NEDonBoard's mission articulates around three pillars:

1.       Connection: organise online and offline events, publish board role offers, improve standards of conduct and competence;

2.       Knowledge: serve all non-executive directors or business leaders seeking knowledge, professional development or inspiration. Advance knowledge among board members and non-executive directors;

3.       Authority: set the standards for effective governance within the non-executive director community and represent the voice of non-executive directors and board members in the UK. Provide guidance to protect independent directors in the exercise of their professional responsibility.