The Land Collective is steadily growing and with this we feel that it is time to create our first board to oversee practices and implement strategy. We have eight positions that need filling with the term being on a two year basis.

What is involved?
These roles are on a volunteer basis and can be located anywhere in the UK, but are expected to be able to travel to London around twice per year. Most board meetings will be held in the evening.

We are looking for individuals who share our values and are keen to get involved in supporting growth for The Land Collective. People that always behave with integrity and that seek to inspire everyone they come in contact with. People that respect diversity and value inclusiveness. People that constantly innovate to meet the needs of those we serve and impact lives in a positive way.

As a volunteer of one of these posts, you will play a vital role in ensuring that The Land Collective acts in its best interest to produce growth. We ask that you make an annual commitment to attend a minimum of three Board meetings (usually held in the London area) plus ad-hoc meetings.

The Land Collective have vacancies for trustees with the following skills and/or experience:

Property/Planning/Architecture/Construction (x1)
HR (x1)
Legal (x1)
Finance and Accounting or Business (x2)
Marketing or Public Relations (x2)
IT (Specifically in Web Development, Design) (x1)

Person Specification
We are seeking the following in all our trustee roles:
❖ Strong and well-developed professional networks, bringing contacts and relationships to the
group and representing The Land Collective back to the relevant community.
❖ Very forward thinking and open minded to new ideas.
❖ An informed and up to date knowledge of the key issues in your professional arena.
❖ A strong and robust personal reputation.
❖ A sound and well-developed appreciation of governance.
❖ Excellent networking, influencing and communication skills.
❖ A desire to increase knowledge and understanding, with a willingness to continually learn
and improve.

To apply If you would like to apply for the position of Trustee/Board Member at The Land Collective, please submit
your CV via our website along with a covering letter (maximum 2 sides) answering these three

1. Why would you like to be a Trustee for The Land Collective?
2. How do your experience and skills meet our current priority areas and how would you help to
make a difference?

If prior to application you would like an informal conversation with our Founder and Chair, Sarah Hayford about the role of Trustee at TheLand Collective, please contact her at sarah.h@thelandcollective.com

Please view the attached information pack for more details.

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About The Land Collective

The Land Collective is an open, online platform which aims to educate young people about the property and built environment through written insights, reports and media. We are a hub of current students and recent graduates from backgrounds which include law, politics, construction, economics, town planning.