As the place which inspired Darwin’s theory of evolution, the Galapagos Islands are truly awe-inspiring, home to an incredible array of species, many of which are found nowhere else on Earth. But they are also under threat from an increasing human presence.
The Galapagos Conservation Trust is the only UK charity to focus exclusively on the conservation and sustainability of the Islands. We raise funds and awareness in the UK to support conservation projects in the Galapagos and promote sustainability on the islands through education programmes. We work with a wide range of delivery partners, both in Galapagos and the UK, and despite having an income of just under £1million, we punch well above our weight.
Our flagship projects include a world first: to completely restore Floreana island, turning back the clock to remove invasive species which are threatening the existence of iconic animals such as the Floreana Mockingbird. We are also working to tackle the plastic pollution which is threatening the wildlife on the islands and in the surrounding marine environment. Projects we have funded were featured in Blue Planet II, and with the recent uplift in public interest in plastic pollution, we are ready to grab the opportunities this provides.
We are now looking for up to three new Trustees, one of whom will be Chair Elect, succeeding Dr Mark Collins when his term of office comes to an end in 2019. Mark has contributed significantly to the Galapagos Conservation Trust; overseeing the development of our new strategy, strengthening our governance, and acting as an effective ambassador for the Trust.
For the Chair Elect, we are particularly interested in individuals who have significant senior business experience; or a background in the conservation of biodiversity; scientific research focused on wildlife, the environment or conservation; or environmental sustainability. We are also interested in those who have senior level experience in fundraising, grant-making or community/public engagement, especially within developing countries.
Our new Chair Elect will bring a track record of strategic organisational leadership, and experience of effective governance, whether as a chair, trustee or non-executive. You will have the ability to draw out and optimise the contributions of a diverse board, provide wise counsel and constructive challenge to a Chief Executive, and operate with mutual respect and co-operation. Your personal credibility and gravitas will enable you to perform an effective ambassadorial role alongside our expert staff.
Your keen interest in the Galapagos Islands and your passion for wildlife, the environment and conservation will enable you to be an effective and enthusiastic ambassador and advocate of our work.
The Chair Elect will initially join the board as a trustee this year, enabling them to spend time understanding our work and how we operate, before being appointed as Chair at our AGM in May/June 2019.
For more information about the role please visit our recruitment microsite: www.peridotportal.co.uk/galapagos
If you would like an informal conversation about the role you can contact our advising consultant at Peridot Partners, Emma Harvey on 07702 678653 or emma@peridotpartners.co.uk
Closing date for applications: 9am, Monday 21st May 2018

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