Depression in teens is a serious problem. It affects everything in a teenager’s life. It can cause problems at home and school, drug abuse, alcoholism, disrespect for one’s safety, disgust for oneself, intense pain, and, in the worst cases, violence and suicide.

Thankfully, Depression Teens Help is working hard to support young people with depression. But we want to do more. We have ambitious plans to help more teenagers with depression.

That’s where we hope you come in.

  • Are you interested in developing experience in fundraising policies and strategies?
  • Do you want to develop the skills and experience that will help you make that step into working for a big charity?
  • Are you looking for a challenge?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then we can help.

As we register to become a charity we need people to help us lead the charity and decide how it is run. Charities call these people trustees.

We also need to learn about complex fundraising policies and strategies.

If you help us manage this complexity, charity’s resources will be freed and we will be able to produce more useful content for our website.

This will make a big difference to our activities.

As a fundraising policies trustee:

  • You will learn about regulations, policies and strategies related to fundraising
  • You will work with our fundraising team and with professional fundraisers to figure out the best and most effective ways to raise funds
  • You will research about the best practices and possible pitfalls related to fundraising

Consider as well that the role may be expanded to other policies and strategies, like privacy policy, media relationship policy and so on, if you like the idea of earning well-round experience about how modern charities are run.

This is no meaningless trustee role. This is why you need at least four hours a week to be able to be part of the team and do work that is meaningful to you and to the charity.

You don’t need any specific experience, but if you’ve done any fundraising that’d be useful. Good organization skills will be helpful too. Either way we will provide support, induction and training to help you learn about fundraising and enable us to support more depressed teens.

You need to be able to read and write in English, browse the web, manage emails and register and login to websites.

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About Depression Teens Help

The Vision

In Depression Teens Help's vision you see a lot of depressed teenagers who escape from the pit of their depression and smile again.

We build this vision by:

  • Publishing useful articles and ebooks on our website and many others
  • Listening to depressed teens and giving them the unconditional support they need so badly
  • Allowing teens to take depression tests and become aware of their problem
  • Telling depressed teens about stories of people who have successfully escaped from their depression
  • Confirming to depressed teens that their intuitions about the origin of their pain are correct despite their environment denying it
  • Teaching depressed teens to replace their hurtful way to think about themselves with a healing one

We use the latest technologies to build our vision and help depressed teenagers who live in 22 countries.