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Honorary Treasurer Job Description
Job Title:                             Honorary Treasurer

Responsible to:                 Chairman of Trustees

Works with:                       Operations Manager, Development Group, Trustee Board

Supported by:                   Database Executive (part-time book-keeping)

Job summary

Although financial matters are the responsibility of all trustees, the Honorary Treasurer provides advice and suggestions on all aspects of the Trust’s financial management and reporting. The Treasurer works with the Chairman to direct the affairs of the Trust, ensuring that it is solvent, well-run and delivering the intended charitable benefits. Together they finalise and submit annual reports to the Charity Commission.

The Treasurer attends all general meetings of the Trustees and is a member of the Development Group, which monitors and supports fundraising and development strategy. The Treasurer works closely with the Operations Manager, providing financial information, support and advice on budgeting, allocation of income and expenses to specific projects and cash flow performance vs annual and individual project budgets.

Key Responsibilities:

·         Guide and advise the Board on the approval of budgets, accounts and financial statements

·         Keep the board informed about its financial duties and responsibilities

·         Advise the Development Group on the financial implications of the Trust’s strategic plans and key assumptions included in management’s operational plan and annual budget

·         Monitor the Trust’s investment activity and ensure its investment policy is consistent with the Trust’s policies, aims, objectives and legal responsibilities

·         Confirm that the financial resources of the Trust meet its present and future needs and that there are appropriate reserves and investment policies

·         Monitor the financial administration of the Trust, oversee the Trust’s risk-management process and understand the accounting procedures and key internal controls to be able to assure the board that the Trust’s financial integrity is sound

·         Board-level liaison with external auditors and accountants, ensuring that the accounts are independently examined and accepted recommendations of the auditors are implemented

·         Formally present the annual accounts at the earliest trustee meeting for approval, drawing attention to important points, either in a written report or orally

·         At least twice a month work with the Operations Manager to review the ledger reports and make any adjustments necessary to ensure allocations are appropriate

Other roles as needed:

·         Act as a counter signatory on cheques, BACS transfer and applications to funders

·         Monitor the bank accounts and transfer funds

·         Work with bookkeeper and IT consultant to ensure ledger reflects management and reporting needs

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