Supporting Letter/Statement
As a professional HR Director, OD/L&D manager, and as a CEO with skills and experience across all management activities, I believe that I have the characteristics, competencies, and full understanding of, and a relative match to the requirements sought by the Board Skills within the Job Description. I have directly carrying out business management operations and projects for over 40 years including in healthcare and housing; carrying out transformation and transactional work as well as specialising in HR, Training, Education and legal aspects of Employment law. I have also been active in conducting complex ER/IR and serious investigations.


During my career, I have worked in Manufacturing, International Global Engineering, and Media; and Charities, as well as 14 years in the Healthcare Sector within 12 NHS Trusts (both Acute and Community/Primary), plus, in The States of Jersey Health and Social Services; and Conwy County Council LA. I have carried out senior board director leadership roles in The Law Society of England and Wales, and in a National Retail Group as the Group HR Director reviewing and restructuring and harmonizing the business plans with the HR Strategy, Vision, structure, policies and procedures. I was the Group HR Director for the major restructuring of a division of BAE Systems.

In my career and voluntary roles, I have been able to bring added value to Board direction through my management skills, knowledge, and experience across a wide range of decision–making situations, including designing, organising and structuring for financial and business operation turnaround, achieving efficiency and effectiveness with the correct application of risk management and governance using skilled judgement and analysis for successful outcomes.

I would welcome the opportunity to contribute to the work of being a NED Board member

These are the skills, capabilities and the knowledge and experience that I will bring to the role.

·        During my career I have built strategic relationships for partnering with clinical health professionals within the NHS; local authority departments including Education; LD Training, Social Services Care. Plus, also to contracting providers of services in large budget tendering bids and drawing up service level agreements.

·        As a CEO I have had to lead and produce plans for Strategic Planning over 3 – 5 year periods; also including 1 year rolling Business Plans. These taking into account the implications of strategy being effectively translated into smooth and successful operational running for business needs and meeting objectives.

For 4 years I have been a Non-Executive Director and Trustee in both Healthcare and in the Caring professions – as a Board member and the HR/Governance Committee Chair for the Wales Air Ambulance Charitable Trust dealing with financial information reporting, staffing, and risk governance management.
As NED at Choices Housing Trust, I shared the responsibility for giving independent scrutiny and Board input, including challenge/debate, assurance, and decision support to the staff in order they can care for, assist, and support individuals with Learning disabilities, Physical Disability; including supported housing.  Dementia care, domiciliary care, and residential care and welfare; including General Need Retirement.
As a professional Manager, and as a Trustee, I fully understand the distinct role of the NED, as “critical friend”, including communication, support and challenge where necessary in the Boardroom regarding Fiduciary control, and corporate governance – including Audit monitoring processes. I have knowledge and understanding of risk management and grading and reporting of the tolerance levels. This developed as a Board Director having being involved in quality monitoring at Acute NHS Trusts with e.g. CQC regulation, including their key lines of enquiry. (KLOES)
I fully understand and have operated as an experienced CEO and also in Project Manager Roles in a wide range of multi-site private, and public, unionised organisations, with an awareness of public sector ethos, governance and accountability and observing/including the 7 Principles (Nolan) of Public Life.
In developing senior knowledge of General and HR management, I have worked in a wide Cross Section of Industry Sectors Including; – NHS, Care and Healthcare, plus Retail, Manufacturing, Engineering, Textiles & Footwear, Distribution and Logistics, Utilities, Financial Services, Professional Services, Training, Law/Legal Services. Local, Regional and Central Government including Regeneration & Housing.
As a CEO, MD, and as a professionally trained HR Manager, I have led change and am familiar with the tensions and issues that affect people’s lives in dealing with business decisions e.g. Managed Merger & Acquisitions, organisational harmonisation, e.g. TUPE & Transfers, dealing with individual disputes, restructures, redundancies & redeployment; as well as dismissal. I understand Emotional Intelligence.
As a Lay Member in employment tribunals, I have developed skills in analysis/judgement including people care and equality observation for candidates that are deaf or partial-sighted; and if the individual applicant appears as a (LIP) litigant–in-Person and often very nervous or confused with the complexity of Court proceedings.
As a continually trained individual with in-depth experience of contributing to the assimilation of information, I understand the analysis of details and considerations against law and fact findings, leading to a final resolution and outcome decision. This skill aligns and assists in key Board meeting decisions; including such matters as financial and risk frameworks including operational and resource fundamentals.
I maintain my Continuous Personal and Professional development (CPD) and receive bulletins and articles both daily and weekly on a regular basis to update my management; HR/legal skills and governance knowledge, including seminars.
I am also skilled in carrying out the often emotive issues around Job Evaluation and pay, both individually and in organisational teams, in both Public & Private Sectors. Dealing with Equality / Diversity policies; & Contract Terms & Conditions, Remuneration, Pay/rewards, Compensation & Benefits, Performance Management Inc. Appraisals and development plans. Also all aspects of Grievance, Investigation and Disciplinary Hearings.
A politically sensitive, yet commercially focussed change manager; have been accomplished in transforming businesses for successful outcomes; following my knowledge of systems and processes to ensure compliance with both mandatory and statutory legal requirements,  and with regulatory bodies
Directly involved in negotiating/strategically analysing and aligning decision-making to resources, both staff and capital assets, I have successfully met organisational objectives & performance management
Working in customer-facing complex organisations, I have direct experience of service user involvement and dealing with the resolution of problem issues; both to internal customers and with external bodies.
I also have experience in Facilities/Property, PR/Marketing & Brand Management, as well as being Multi-Culturally aware in Equality & Diversity working in complex highly unionised and changing environments.
As my CV details, I am experienced in working with a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience across multi-site complex public and private organisations, including Charities and Volunteer work with strong Business Skills and HR Management skills at Board level.

My trained knowledge is in areas such as Operations, Marketing & Sales; Finance; Resources and assets, Governance; Organisational Design & Development, L&D and Talent management, ER/IR; performance management, appraisal monitoring/improvement, recruitment, rewards/retention; and removal of staff. I have supported and worked across the spectrum in FTSE 100 Plcs, Medium sized firms and in SMEs to include start-ups; as well established companies to improve management performance and business deliverables

Until very recently I spent over 14 years in NHS Acute and Community Healthcare Trusts, successfully working at Board Level in HR and in General Management on Foundation Trust Businesses, Major Project management; Operational and Cost Saving including Business planning and aligning strategy, planning, and development to meet commissioning needs. I have a broad knowledge and skills in understanding differing behaviours and cultures within organisations.

A lifelong learner, I believe in continuous development and have been involved in Training, Education and Learning for many years, including introducing the Exception Criteria from levy within Industrial Training Boards, which led subsequently to me being chosen as one of the founder creators of the national Investor in People award. As a caring and people-centred manager, I hold a Master’s Degree in Strategic HR Management, and a Certificate in Management.

In conclusion, I have operated as a voting member on a range of Main Boards in organisations either supporting or directly leading the decision-making, in financial; operational and governance work for over 30 years; using these skills I have sat as a School Governor for 22 years. I have also held membership on numerous Board Sub-Committees, including chairing HR and Governance/Scrutiny, Remuneration, Performance. I have in the past, been a volunteer for several years as a Non-Executive Director and Corporate Governor in 2 x Further Education Colleges; A NED of a Theatre; and a Chair of a local Radio station, and also, a Vice Chairman of a Careers company.

I look forward to hearing more in due course.

Thanking you for the opportunity to be considered for a NED role.

Yours sincerely

Jim Wagstaffe


James Wagstaffe.  M.A.  Chartered Fellow CIPD; FCMI; ACFI

About Queensbridge

Experienced Interim HR/OD Director, HR Project Consultant & PMO Management. A Professional Manager with proven skills in; NED/Trustee roles. Successful in Leadership; Change; Legal: and in ER/IR; General Management Board and at CEO level.