The Directorate of Organ Donation and Transplantation is part of NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) and is responsible for managing organ donation, allocation, retrieval and transplantation across the UK. Lay Members form part of NHSBTs Advisory Groups which key to the delivery our responsibilities and bring together clinicians, commissioners and members of the UK Departments of Health. Their role is not only to advise on selection and allocation policies but also to promote organ donation and transplantation, monitor outcomes and ensure good governance.

NHSBT is committed to ensuring effective involvement of lay members and is looking to recruit an additional Lay Member who will form a critical component of Advisory Groups and other committees to bring an independent perspective, objectivity, increasing openness and diversity of thinking. We would welcome applicants with diverse backgrounds, knowledge and skills, although it will be helpful if members have been part of a committee in a complex organisation. You will be able to put forward the view of the general public but will be required to understand complex and sensitive information, to contribute to the debate and stand up and be counted where necessary.

Whatever your background, you will be willing to commit your skills, energy and enthusiasm to strengthening organ donation in the UK. Time commitment is up to 3 days a month and expenses will be paid.