The SGSA are looking for two new members to join its board.  The SGSA (formerly the Football Licensing Authority) is the UK Government’s expert body on spectator safety at sports grounds. Set up after the Hillsborough disaster, its purpose is to ensure that all spectators can enjoy watching sport in safety. Every weekend it helps millions of people enjoy watching football and other sports in a safe and secure environment.

The mix of skills and experience across the Board currently includes business, risk management, legal, health and safety and equality, sports venue management, architecture and structural engineering.

The successful candidates will ideally have held a position of responsibility in either a commercial organisation, public or sports administration or the safety or security industries, and will have ability, at a senior level, in one or more of the following areas:

·         Finance and/or business, which might include risk expertise and intellectual property

·         Consultancy in international markets

·         Accessibility;

·         Local government

·         The police force, specifically counter terrorism;

·         Government regulation, or

·         Safety management.


He or she must also be able to demonstrate:

·         An understanding of and commitment to the objectives of the SGSA, an interest in spectator sport and an awareness of the principles of spectator safety;

·         Some knowledge of the Government’s policies on sports ground safety;

·         The ability to think strategically at board-level and exercise sound judgment;

·         An ability to represent their own area of expertise in the full range of board discussions;

·         An understanding of the challenges of working in/with a small organisation; a team player; supportive as well as challenging; coaching/mentoring style;

·         An awareness of the principles of corporate governance in the Public Sector and of the Seven Principles of Public Life (these appear in the Declaration of Interest form)

To find out more about the roles, including how to apply, please click through the following link – https://publicappointments.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/appointment/sports-grounds-safety-authority-sgsa-board-members/