Our talent is in engineering design, this is what we do the best, and this is what we
want to do more. In fact at the moment we are much smarter in engineering than
sales and business growth strategy. This has generated an exciting opportunity for a
resourceful Technical Sales Director who could close the gap between the clients
and Clarity; drive in business effectively.
This is a sales focused position through introductions to potential clients; therefore, the candidate should have an active CEO/MD/decision maker level network within the target industries or able to build it in a gentle manner. Non-Exec duties are secondary at the moment, however, the role may require some level of strategic advice.

The ideal candidate is expected to:
• generate business for the consultancy effectively, this may involve attending
meetings with clients;
• advise company’s strategy, structure, policy, procedures, performance and risk
• share useful insight into external factors that may affect the business;
• provide value through outside contacts, that can benefit the company;

The ideal candidate:
• should come from technical background;
• should have extensive business connections within the target client groups;
• be resourceful; have a broad repertoire of business development techniques in
line with the company’s business activity;
• ideally have held key positions in the past such as former CEO of a successful
technology company;
• having previous experience as a Technical Sales Director or Non-Executive
Director is not necessary, but an advantage;

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About Clarity Engineering Design

We are Clarity Engineering Design a young, ambitious and energetic (early stage) start up design
consultancy. We are dedicated to deliver high standard innovative solutions to
clients and grow step by step through customer satisfaction. We encourage
companies to think responsibly about their relationship to nature and also; through
the continuous improvement of their processes accelerate the transition to a low
carbon/no waste society. We offer our engineering design services to clients to
facilitate this change in an economically attractive fashion. When we say step by
step we mean long steps; we have no time to waste, there is a lot to be improved
and invented.
However, we do not aim for just a quick and short lived success, but a long term
fruitful and impactful existence.
In terms of engineering we provide all-around consultancy services to clients from
innovative idea generation to finished product or an executable engineering output.
This may include conceptual design, detail design, (CAD), design validation (FEA,
CFD and THERMAL simulations) design for manufacturing, technical documentation
and prototype development.
We are looking to engage with clients from the following three main market
• Industrial organisations who are interested in improving the energy efficiency of
their production. We offer waste heat/thermal energy recovery and recycling and
also adaptation of relevant renewable energy, energy storage or low
carbon/clean technology to their infrastructure and production line.
• Clean technology developers including, but not limited to the following areas:
renewable energy, energy storage, low emission technology in transportation for
both established and start up organisations.
• Inventors with sparkling ideas that are expected to make a significant impact for
the healthier, more natural and fulfilling living.
Although we are currently based in Watford and aim to develop closer relationship
with businesses located in Greater London, Herts, Essex and Cambridgeshire, we
are also open to engage in business with nationwide (Innovate UK) and EU (H2020)