The Data Lab

The Data Lab Innovation Centre, hosted by the University of Edinburgh, is looking for a Chair for its Governing Board from June 2018.

The Data Lab is one of eight innovation centres in Scotland, funded with an £11.3M grant from the Scottish Funding Council to generate significant economic, social and scientific value from data.  Hosted by The University of Edinburgh, The Data Lab enables industry, public sector and world –class university researchers to innovate and develop new data science capabilities in a collaborative environment.

The Data Lab has been operational for over 3 years and have many activities and projects underway.  The Governance Board have responsibilities to help The Data Lab achieve its goals and mission.

About the Chair’s role

The strategic direction and performance of The Data Lab is overseen by The Governing Board which consists of the following members:

·       Chair;

·       Chief Executive Officer;

·       Six Industry representatives from both public (one representatives) and private sectors (five representatives);

·       Two Academic representatives from The University of Edinburgh and Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance;

·       Scottish Enterprise, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Scottish Funding Council (observers).

The role of The Data Lab Chair is a superb opportunity to contribute to an emerging economic sector in Scotland – a sector of global importance in which Scotland can be world-leading. The role also provides opportunities to support the development of Scotland’s Innovation Centres’ programme and to champion the role of innovation in the UK economy. It is essential that the Chairperson has the skills and experience to steer the future of the organisation and enable the Governing Board to work effectively.

Expected commitment

The Chair is expected to be available to chair in person the 4 scheduled Board meetings per annum, held in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen or Inverness and last up to a maximum of 3 hours.

In addition to attending board meetings, the Chair is expected to:

·       Attend a minimum of 4 events per annum in their board capacity;

·       Attend one offsite per annum with The Data Lab’s management team;

·       Support The Data Lab CEO and Leadership team as required;

·       Promote The Data Lab to other businesses within the industry and across the public sector.

Finally, the Chair is expected to provide strategic advice to the CEO and other senior Data Lab staff and review their performance.

The Chair’s term is normally three years with the ability to offer themselves for re-election thereafter. On the retirement of the Chair, the IC Board will be responsible for appointing a new Chair through processes agreed by the administrative hub university.