Would you like to be the British Science Association’s volunteer Treasurer?

We are looking to hear from individuals who are excited by the British Science Association vision and wants to use their understanding of financial management to help BSA get maximum value from their resources and drive the strategic direction of the organisation.

Your role

As a Treasurer, your role is to oversee the BSA’s financial affairs, ensuring resources are utilised effectively in order to achieve BSA’s aims.

Key Focus

Key areas for your immediate attention will include support with setting up a new Finance Committee and assisting to develop a new, risk-based Reserves Policy.

You will also be a member of Council and hence, a charity trustee. Therefore, together with the other members of Council, you will focus on the key issues, opportunities and risks facing the BSA, and provide guidance on strategic direction to the BSA’s staff. You should be able to demonstrate a commitment to the principles of effective governance and financial management in charities and to the BSA’s goal of improving diversity & inclusivity.