PhotoVoice is seeking new trustees to join our board. We are currently recruiting for a new Treasurer and additional trustees with project fundraising experience. We want outstanding candidates with senior level skills and experience in one or more of the following areas:

Senior financial expertise – we are currently seeking to appoint a new Treasurer to maintain an overview and advise on PhotoVoice’s financial affairs, systems and strategies
Understanding and insight into projects fundraising (major grants and donors)

All applicants should have understanding and insight into charities to help build PhotoVoice’s profile and partnerships with organisations, policy makers and legislators

How to apply

For more information about PhotoVoice, what we are looking for in Trustees, what a prospective Trustee should know, the recruitment process, role and person descriptions, please access the background information for potential applicants here https://photovoice.org/?p=9409

For any other enquiries before you apply, please email chair@photovoice.org

To be considered for the role of Treasurer or Trustee, please send a CV and covering letter to Russell Watkins, Chair of PhotoVoice at chair@photovoice.org by 5pm on Friday 9th June 2017.  Successful candidates will be invited to interview in June/July.

About PhotoVoice

PhotoVoice’s vision is for a world in which everybody has the opportunity to represent themselves and tell their own story

Our mission is promote the ethical use of photography for positive social change, through delivering innovative participatory photography projects. By working in partnership with organisations, communities, and individuals worldwide, we will build the skills and capacity of underrepresented or at risk communities, creating new tools of self-advocacy and communication.

Why photography?

Photography is a highly flexible tool that crosses cultural and linguistic barriers, and can be adapted to all abilities. Its power lies in its dual role as both art form and way to record facts.

It provides an accessible way to describe realities, communicate perspectives, and raise awareness of social and global issues.

Its low cost and ease of dissemination encourages sharing and increases the potential to generate dialogue and discussion.