Trustee for with healthcare knowledge for small international children’s charity

ChildAid to Eastern Europe (ChildAid) enables lives of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people in Belarus, Moldova, Siberia and Ukraine to be transformed.  Through short and long-term aid and development initiatives and in collaboration with established local Christian partners, we improve the quality of life for abused, abandoned and neglected children from extremely poor and vulnerable families; orphans and social orphans; and children living with disabilities.

As a Christian charity we seek to serve any child or young person that is in contact with our project partners.  It is never contingent on or restricted by whether the child or young person has a faith or not.  The help we give is unconditional.

ChildAid, known then as Aid to Russian Christians, was founded in 1973.  Later as Aid to Russia & the Republics (ARRC) the charity provided relief and development work to those affected by the economic breakdown of the former USSR republics.  Since 2005, when the charity became known as ChildAid, the work has specifically focused on the lives of disadvantaged children and young people.

We are now seeking new trustees, and in particular those with a knowledge in child healthcare. We are increasingly involved in paediatric care, espcially physical disabillities but also learning difficulties as well.

Our 4 board meetings per year are held in Bromley, and on occasions it is possible to Skype into these.

Eligibility Questions

You may include up to five ‘eligibility questions’. An applicant will be asked these questions on application – if the incorrect answer is given they will not be able to progress with their application. Please note that each question must be less than 100 characters.

1             Are you willing to fully accept our Christian ethos and practices?

2             Are you available for board meetings during normal office hours (held 4 times per annum)?