Incredible Kids is a charity providing play and support sessions to children and young people with disabilities or additional needs, and their families in and around the Bristol area. The charity is motivated by Christian compassion and all Trustees are expected to have a Christian committment and to uphold a Christian ethos. Trustees should have a strong personal commitment to the charity’s aims and objectives.

The charity is seeking to appoint new Trustees to their Board of Trustees. It is expected that each board member will have experience in at least 1 of these areas:

Financial Planning and Management Audit
Core Strategic Planning and Project Management
Independent Sector Business Development
Policies and Procedures
Marketing and Public Relations.
Legal Experience.
Service User participation and involvement
Members and Volunteers Management, Employment and Training
Our family play sessions are held at Whale Wharf, Littleton Upon Severn, Bristol, BS35 1NP three or four times a week throughout the year. We have over 6000 visits per year from families from the Bristol and surrounding areas.

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About Incredible Kids

Incredible Kids provides play and support services to families with a child with a disability or additional needs to reduce inequality and social isolation. Incredible Kids has been operating since 4th June 2012 with over 630 member families we support each year.  Incredible Kids is a Christian run charity, all trustees are Christian and our service is open to all regardless of faith.