Biggar Corn Exchange Ltd is looking to fill Trustee vacancies which will arise during the coming year. BCE is a
Biggar – based charity , which was established in 2009 to provide opportunities to work and study in the fields of
Art , Music and Drama . I t provides facilities for public performance (amateur and professional) ; i t supports
schemes for the pr omotion of Art, Music and Dr ama ; and it makes available a fully equipped theatre and other
spaces for hire. BCE has its own amateur theatre company, Biggar Theatre Workshop, and a youth theatre, Corn
Exchange Young Performers.
The charity is based in the Corn Exchange, a Grade – B lis ted building , built in 1860 and situated in a prominent
position on Biggar High Street. We lease this building from South Lanarkshire Council and have obligations
relating to its maintenance and general upkeep.
As Trustees we need to
• Maintain and enhance the building and its facilities • Increase our level of community engagement. • Ensure that what we deliver meets our charitable objects • Respond to feedback from users, performers and those attending events • Have strong financial management • Think strategically and deploy effectively
We are looking for Trustees who are enthusiastic about the aims of the charity , wish to contribute to the
voluntary sector and want to be involved in developing BCE’s future direction. Understanding and/or experience
of OSCR‘s guida nce and corporate governance will be expected.
Candidates should be able to demonstrate expertise in at least one of the following areas :
Finance Arts administration
Fundraising Volunteer support and development
Facilities m anagement IT
Business development
As well as sitting on the Board, which currently meets monthly, Trustees will be expected to join at least one of
our Sub – Committees and contribute in other ways to the success of the charity.
Next Steps:
If you wish to apply to be a Biggar Co rn Exchange Trustee please submit a CV and covering let ter outlining your
suitability for the role and providing evidence of your experience . You should send this by email to Company
Secretary Barbara Duffner OBE at bd@ph – walk.demon.co.uk .
If you would like further information, to visit the Corn Exchange or talk to one of our current Trustees please
email Barbara who will be happy to make arrangements.
The d eadline for appli cations is 26 th May 2017. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend an informal panel
interview during the last two weeks of Ju ne .
Biggar Corn Exchange recognises the importance of diversity and actively encourages and supports applications
from ind ividuals from diverse backgroundsBiggar Corn Exchange Ltd
Biggar Corn Exchange is incorporated in Scotland as a company limited by guarantee, no.


Until January 2017 the charity was known as Biggar Theatre Workshop Ltd. Following a Governance review the
Trustees agreed to change the name to Biggar Corn Exchange Ltd.
This better reflected our aspiration to be a venue for a wide range of events, based in an iconic building in Biggar
High Street. It also addressed the perception, which had lingered since 2009 when the charity was set up, that our
focus was on amateur dramatic performances.
Governance Review:
The Governance review recognised the considerable amount that had been achieved over 8 years, and what
changes we could and should make. Much of what is described below is work in progress.
Organisational Structure:
 We have a Board which currently meets monthly (certainly while we deploy agreed changes to the way
we operate).
 Board Sub-Committees . We are setting up Board Sub-Committees, which will have a strategic focus but
will also perform some operational roles. The BTW name has been retained for the Sub-Committee which
puts on amateur productions. Other Sub-committees include Finance, Bar, Business Development and
Venue Development. Terms of Reference have been developed for Sub-Committees. Our Articles include
a requirement that there be 2 Trustees on each Sub-Committee.
 Working Groups . These include CXYP (Corn Exchange Young Performers), our Youth Theatre, and Biggar
Community Toilets, which are located in our building and which we operate on behalf of the town. These
are in no way subordinate to Sub-Committees but have an essentially operational role rather than
strategic. We have not yet developed ground rules for their operation.
BCE has no employees. We have a part-time Operations Manager who is (genuinely) self-employed and outsource
cleaning on contract to an external company.
We are reliant on Volunteers, and many of our Trustees volunteer to carry out other functions outside their
Trustee duties.