Teckels is seeking up to seven new trustees, aged 18+ years who:

  • Have experience in general business management, fundraising, legal, accountancy, marketing, HR, financial or risk management
  • Can dedicate a minimum of 10 hours per month to supporting the charity
  • Would describe themselves as hands-on ‘doers’ who relish the opportunity to get involved in day to day challenges as well as the longer term, strategic view
  • Are well connected amongst Gloucestershire’s local business clubs or community groups.
  • Enjoy networking
  • Are confident public speakers
  • Relish the idea of ‘rolling up their sleeves’ to support the day to day management team

Prior experience as a member of a committee/board would be helpful but not necessary.

Being a trustee of Teckels is an exciting, challenging and rewarding position.

It’s also slightly different to the typical trustee role. Most of Teckels employees are in animal care roles and the charity does not have the funds to employ marketing, HR, fundraising or other specialists.  Therefore, it requires its trustees and other volunteers to lead these areas.

Attracting volunteers with the expertise, motivation and commitment to take on operational roles is critical to the charity’s sustainability and future growth.

Teckels Key strategic challenge: Identify ways to sustainably increase income and lessen reliance on unstable income sources such as donations.

Board priorities:

  • Increase income by 15% year on year.
  • Increase awareness of the charity and its boarding services.

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About Teckels Animal Sanctuaries

Teckels is based in Whitminster, Gloucester. We run a rescue and rehoming centre as well as providing excellent boarding services for cats and dogs. We are highly trained in animal welfare and passionate about what we do.

Every year we rescue, rehabilitate and rehome over 400 cats and dogs. Our rescue and rehoming centre is a charitable organisation which cares for and rehabilitates homeless cats and dogs and finds them loving homes.

Our boarding kennels and cattery provide a safe and happy environment for members of the public's dog or cat whilst they're away. Any money left over from our boarding services after covering costs is used to help run the rehoming centre.

The charity’s objectives per its Memorandum are the protection and benefit of animals, including their protection and preservation from cruelty, suffering, ill-usage, distress or sickness, or who are otherwise in need of care and attention.

The aim of the trading subsidiary company, Teckels Boarding Kennels (TBK) is to maximise the profitability of boarding related business opportunities in order that TBK may make larger contributions to the Charity, whilst providing exemplary care to the animals in its charge and an excellent customer experience to its clients.

Our vision: a world where all animals are well cared for, respected and their needs understood.

Mission statement: to provide a top class boarding facility to responsibly support our rehabilitation and rehoming centre of excellence for cats and dogs. To reduce the number of unwanted cats and dogs by educating the public on the responsibilities of animal ownership.