The Jurassic Coast Trust is looking for new Trustees to help set and realise the vision for the Jurassic Coast for the future.

Inscribed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in December 2001 for its globally important rocks, fossil and coastal landforms, the World Heritage designation and Jurassic Coast brand has brought a wealth of benefits to Dorset and East Devon Communities, including up to £111m of economic benefit and 2000 jobs to the area each year.

Later this year, the Jurassic Coast Trust, a small organisation with big ambitions for this outstanding and globally significant coastline will be taking on a greater role with respect to looking after the World Heritage status.  In order to do this effectively the Trust is seeking some outstanding new individuals to add to its board of Trustees.

More information can be found at www.jurassiccoast.org/jobs but people with experience in financial management, charity governance and leadership, strategic thinking, legal matters and fundraising are particularly sought, as well as a specialist on the geology or geomorphology of the Site.  They are also looking for a new Chair of Trustees to start in the autumn, which may be one of the new recruits.

The Trust is going through an exciting period of change, and are keen for these new individuals to work with the existing group of Trustees and Staff Team to set the agenda and drive the work programme for the next five to ten years. These will be exciting and prestigious voluntary roles, and the Trust is keen to hear from anyone who is interested from across Dorset and Devon and from any walk of life.

Current Chair of Trustees, Doug Hulyer said: “this is an outstanding moment of opportunity for the Jurassic Coast Trust, and for the World Heritage Site.  I am very keen to further build our team of passionate and committed experts to help develop and realise the vision for the Jurassic Coast over the next ten and more years.”

For more information, please go to www.jurassiccoast.org/jobs

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About Jurassic Coast Trust

The Jurassic Coast Trust

The Trust’s proposed new Objects (still subject to final adoption) are: To promote the protection,  conservation and presentation, for the benefit of the public, of the Dorset and East Devon Coast (Jurassic Coast) World Heritage Site (the “Site”), recognised by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (“UNESCO”) as having such Outstanding Universal Value that it warrants being inscribed on the World Heritage List through the powers of the Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage (1972) (“World Heritage Convention”), and in particular (but without limitation) to undertake the following:

(1) the advancement of environmental protection of the Site and its setting;

(2) the enhancement of the Outstanding Universal Value of the Site and of its setting;

(3) the education of the public in respect of the significance and values of the Site and the World Heritage Convention;

(4) to promote and contribute for the benefit of the public to the advancement of culture, heritage and science pertaining to the Site;

(5) to prepare, review, monitor, implement and coordinate the delivery of the Management Plan relating to the Site as agreed between UNESCO and the UK Government and as amended and updated from time to time (the “Site Management Plan”);


The emerging vision and mission is as follows:

Our vision for this extraordinary UNESCO World Heritage coastline – the Jurassic Coast – is that everyone understands and loves it, the need for its conservation and can play a role in looking after it

Our Beliefs and Mission Statement
The Trust believes that the Jurassic Coast is best safeguarded by the people and communities that live, play and work here.  We work to inspire and nurture a sense of shared ownership from these communities to ensure that England's only natural World Heritage Site is enjoyed, supported and safeguarded by everyone.  We hold the Jurassic Coast in trust for present and future generations and will place this at the heart of our decision taking.