Have you or someone in your family visited a GP recently? Have you dropped into your local pharmacy to pick up a prescription? Most probably yes. It’s something we take for granted in this country.

However, one billion people around the world have no access to qualified health workers.

For over twenty-five years, THET has been working to change this, training health workers to build a world where everyone has access to affordable and quality healthcare. We do this by leveraging the expertise and energy of the UK health community, supporting health partnerships between hospitals, colleges and clinics in the UK and those overseas.

THET is interested in recruiting individuals with a passion for healthcare, a strong commercial background and a good network of contacts to help staff drive forward THET’s income generation activity.

The voluntary Trustee positions offer a fantastic opportunity for personal and career development as well as immense satisfaction from contributing to health worker development in the UK and across the world.

For more information please read our role description here or contact Ben.Simms@thet.org