Membership of NEDonBoard shall be open to any individual who has an interest in joining and assisting the organisation and participating in activities to further its mission and objectives, and meets and adheres to the following rules and requirements:


  • NEDonBoard members must either currently hold a non-executive director, trustee, chair or board level role; be a board level consultant or expert; or be preparing for a non-executive director level role within the next three years.


  • NEDonBoard members should:
    • Positively reflect on the non-executive director community, embody the best ethics and standards expected of a UK non-executive director, trustee, or board level professional;
    • Positively reflect on NEDonBoard membership. Where members have any concerns, these should be addressed directly to [email protected] at the earliest opportunity;
    • Continue to develop their board-level engagements and act as a channel for positive change within UK business and organisation communities;
    • NEDonBoard do not accept individual members who are using membership outside of these parameters unless they clearly state these to us before joining.


  • NEDonBoard may, at its discretion, choose to alter subscription fees in the future.
  • Membership is dependent upon payment of fees at a level set by NEDonBoard. Members will be duly informed of any changes to subscription fees and payment methods.
  • All members are bound by the terms contained within this rule.
  • No award of membership at either Individual or Corporate level implies any legal responsibility on behalf of NEDonBoard for the practice of that member/organisation toward other NEDonBoard clients or members, or members of the public.
  • Where it is considered that membership would be detrimental to its aims and activities, NEDonBoard reserves the right to refuse membership to an applicant.
  • Any member of NEDonBoard may resign membership and/or any position held as part of membership, by submitting a written notice to that effect to the NEDonBoard. Members retain responsibility for canceling subscriptions with their own banks and if a member who terminates or intends to terminate does not cancel their membership dues, they will be deemed a member in good standing until the period when these dues are next set to expire.
  • NEDonBoard reserves the right to terminate or suspend the membership of any member, if (a) dues are not paid, (b) that member’s conduct is considered detrimental and prejudicial to the interests and objectives of NEDonBoard.



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