NEDonBoard is an exclusive network of board professionals, experts and organisations. Our community learns, grows and attracts opportunities leading to more effective boards. Our community enriches its members professionally and personally.

Jean-Philippe Perraud - Official


The journey of the NEDonBoard community started in 2012, following Mr Perraud’s personal journey in transitioning from a successful executive career in the financial services sector to a portfolio career. While the board of directors is the highest authority in an organisation, he could not find an institution and community to support his transition, keep him updated with developments and latest thinking at board level and create the connection with businesses fostering numerous new opportunities. The idea underpinning NEDonBoard was simple: with the right business connections, knowledge, community of peers, boards are more effective and best equipped to tackle their next challenge. In addition to his role with NEDonBoard, Mr Perraud is a non-executive director and a business advisor. As of today, Mr Perraud leads a team of great individuals based in London, Manchester, Paris and Cape Town.”


Advisory Board

NEDonBoard is supported by a group of influential board advisors. The members of the advisory board are energic and passionate individuals, who have extensive experience in leading, challenging and supporting the strategic direction of numerous organisations



NEDonBoard is surrounded by its ambassadors. Our community of ambassadors shares and promotes NEDonBoard’s mission, vision and ambitions. They are strong supporters of our work.

Partners’ Club

The NEDonBoard Partners’ Club is composed of public and private organisations that provide products and services to board members and non-executive directors and are actively engaged in the diffusion of corporate governance and board best practices. They contribute financially, intellectually and materially to NEDonBoard and support the development of the Professional Body for non-executive directors and board members and its mission.

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NEDonBoard offers solutions to companies to enable more effective decision-making at board level through its group memberships, its training courses and its platform allowing access to high calibre advisors and board members


Keynote Speakers

NEDonBoard brings to its community keynote speakers and experienced non-executive directors, considered best-in-class in their field of expertise. They enhance your knowledge and value as non-executive directors and board members.


Board experts and course leaders

Experts in their field, the NEDonBoard course leaders organise exceptional programmes to help you develop and progress in your non-executive and board career. We continue to develop our training programmes with highly recognised experts.



NEDonBoard members belong to a group of decision-makers and influencers, find their next board appointments, are recognised by their peers, are current on latest developments and thinking at board level, attract opportunities and positively impact the direction of organisations.