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NEDonBoard is the professional membership and development body for non-executive directors (NEDs) and board members. NEDonBoard is an independent membership organisation and the institute of board members.

We promote modern and contemporary board practices and are the authoritative platform made by board members for board members. We connect you with non-executive directors and board members, so you are effective and impactful in the boardroom.

Are you looking for any of the following?

  • Benchmark board practices with boardroom experts, experienced non-executive directors, chairs, SIDs and executive directors
  • Expand your NED portfolio
  • Meet your board-level peers in a safe and enjoyable environment
  • Stay up-to-date with boardroom transformation (e.g. ESG, digital, regulation)
  • Contribute to shaping corporate and business governance practices
  • Have your voice heard by policymakers
  • Protect yourself in the exercise of your director role
  • Demonstrate how you discharge your duty

If you answer “yes” to one or more of the above, apply today.

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Standard membership

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  • Apply to NED roles on offer using the jobs board and exclusive positions solely advertised through our platform
  • Be visible as a non-executive director within the NED and board member community with your online NED profile
  • Be informed thanks to the NED Library and expert interviews
  • Be effective thanks to the Board Best Practices® recordings
  • Connect with non-exec directors and companies while being impactful in the boardroom thanks to your attendance at our virtual events (no additional cost)

NEDonBoard membership rules

NEDonBoard membership is open to all professionals and organisations aligned with our mission and subject to the membership rules.

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What NEDonBoard members are saying

“Thank you for the [virtual] session, very enjoyable and engaging, with an open discussion on differing views on the topics.”

N. Fisher, CEO, board adviser and advisory board member

“I have been very impressed with the support that NEDonBoard offers to its members.”

R. Harwood, Business Development Director, Chair and lecturer

“Enjoyable and informative NEDonBoard event in Manchester. Interesting perspectives on diversity around the Board table and on lessons learned as a NED from the speakers.”

D. Walker, portfolio NED

“Surround yourself with the opportunity to learn, through effective NED organisations like NEDonBoard where there are lots of accessible resources.”

S. McKenna, NED, chair and Managing Director

“Just wanted to say what an excellent event this evening was – really good panel and chair. I honestly believe in what you are trying to achieve from a much wider level – it’s about being honest about a NED role, creating the right culture for an organisation to thrive and ultimately raising standards in the governance arena.”

N. Heathcote, portfolio NED

“Thank you very much – the last event was excellent and provoked much thought and after the panel discussion. It was great to be there.”

J. Hale, executive director

“A huge applause […] for putting together such an enriching and insightful event. The community is definitely buzzing, and conversations like today will elevate the conversations in boardrooms.”

D. Gillies, CEO, founder, NED, advisory board member and trustee

“I enjoyed talking to a group of Board Directors about Digital Disruption around the Future of Work.”

D. Vaishampayan, NED, chair and managing partner

“The event was great. I made good connections with Panel members and delegates – and have been following up on those. In terms of the content of the session, it was very helpful.  It reiterated what experience I do have and what experience I need to gain!”

G. Allen, CEO and NED

“Behaviourally, we need NXDs who are prepared and able to go toe-to-toe with Execs who are adopting undue risk approaches or even worse. I very much like and applaud NEDonBoard’s commitment to raising standards.”

D. Physick, board adviser

“At the event, there was not only James Wates a leading speaker but also an impressive range of experienced non-executive directors, head hunters and leaders in the field of corporate governance working within large organisations known for the quality of their work in the field and whose insights will be valuable. For me, as an experienced NED myself, from an under-represented group, the diversity of perspectives on corporate governance was valuable. I do feel highly motivated not only by the event but also to contact each of your attendees and guests whom I met that evening.”

M. Ray, trustee and governor

“NEDonBoard has targeted that niche of the board industry, which needed most attention – The non-executive directorship. NEDonBoard is doing a service by educating and building a knowledge-sharing platform for the non-executive Director.”

H. Al Amodi, Investor, Advisor, Technologist and International Board Director

“I thought the event was great – a good mix of people with different experiences and a lovely informal set-up. I made a couple of new connections, and as a former board-level headhunter, I generally find the subject matter very interesting, so overall it was time well spent.”

M. Pantelides, director

“I really enjoyed your NEDonBoard webinar today; it was insightful & full of practical wisdom – thanks for sharing your knowledge + expertise.”

A. Diejomaoh, control manager and aspiring NED


What is a professional body and learned society?

A professional body is an organisation with individual members practising a profession in which the organisation maintains an oversight of the knowledge, skills, conduct and practices of that profession. A professional body seeks to further a particular profession, the interests of individuals engaged in that profession and the public interest.

Professional organisations go through a rigorous process to be approved as a professional body and learned society. NEDonBoard became a professional body and learned society in 2017. The list of approved professional bodies is publicly available on the UK government website.


Is the NEDonBoard membership fee tax-deductible?

NEDonBoard is an approved professional organisation and learned society. If you are a UK tax resident, you can claim tax relief on your annual NED membership fee, provided that being a member of our organisation is relevant to your job. Our status effectively lowers the cost of your membership. Further details are available here.


Do I need to qualify to become a member?

No pre-qualification is required. NEDonBoard encourages professionals from a broad range of backgrounds and experiences to explore the non-executive director and board member roles.


Do I have to be a UK resident to become a member?

You do not have to be a UK resident to qualify for our NED membership. As an inclusive organisation, we welcome all professionals who are aligned with our mission and are looking for professional development opportunities, connections and inspiration. In addition to the UK and the Republic of Ireland, NEDonBoard members include professionals from the Middle East, Asia, Continental Europe, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.


Numerous organisations provide training and events for non-executive directors. Why should I become a member of NEDonBoard?

NEDonBoard is the UK professional body and learned society solely dedicated to non-executive directors and board members. As a membership organisation and approved professional body, we place the interests of our members at the core of our operations. Most of our members are experienced professionals with typically at least one board role and years of experience at board level.

There are myriad NED organisations, which vary widely in terms of quality. We strongly encourage you to perform your due diligence before signing up to ensure that you are aligned with the mission of the organisation you intend to join and that you will receive the value that you expect from your NED membership. Please email us at [email protected] if you need a professional opinion.


The membership price is too high for me, can I have a discount?

NEDonBoard is an inclusive organisation. We provide a clear path for leaders to get a seat at the table, but we also encourage experienced board members to be up-to-date with the latest developments happening in the boardroom. While our membership provides lots of value if you use it over the year, we recognise that your finances might be tight at times.

Every quarter, we offer free membership to those who need it most. If you have financial difficulties and would like to benefit from our services, please send us an email at [email protected]. Please include a supporting letter that answers in less than 1,500 characters why £33.25 per month (paid annually) is too much for you to invest in your continuous professional development and why free membership should be granted to you. Payment plans may be available to you on request. Please email us at [email protected] to tell us about your needs.


I am unsure which NED membership is right for me?

Please schedule a call. The NEDonBoard team will be happy to assist you.