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Raise the level of your board's performance and contribute to the success of your company.

Enhance the knowledge and skills of your board and sharpen decision-making thanks to our company membership, our comprehensive suite of professional development opportunities and expert recruitment services. The NEDonBoard company membership allows NEDs and board members to maintain relevance, stay up-to-date, and consistently bring positive input to board discussions.
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Our solutions are designed to meet your needs and elevate your organisation's governance practices to the next level.

Leverage our professional body’s expertise to enhance the professional development of your directors and leadership teams, source top non-executive talents, or connect with a community of seasoned board professionals.



As we set high standards for our sector and expect our members to continually learn and develop, it is only right that we do the same within our own organisation and that we set an example at Board level. Having experienced NEDonBoard’s services, I have absolute confidence that their provision of training, guidance and peer networking will enhance the knowledge and expertise within our boardroom and ensure we maintain the highest standards of governance.
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Nicky Healthcote
Portfolio Board Chair
Some of the companies we have worked with over the years
NEDonBoard Company Membership

Invest in the continuous development of your board directors

Ensure compliance with the highest standards of governance.

Demonstrate your commitment to the ongoing professional development of your board of directors and join NEDonBoard, Institute of Board Members for non-executive directors and board members.

With our company membership you’ll unlock access to our latest professional development opportunities, networking events, recruitment platform and learning resources. Everything we do is designed to enable more effective decision-making at board level, drive the highest-quality corporate governance, and instil sustainable boardroom success.

Companies should demonstrate a commitment to the ongoing professional development of their board through board of directors training programmes, and directors should embrace such opportunities.

– The Wates Corporate Governance Principles for Large Private Companies (Principle 2)

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What you get
Unlimited access to a comprehensive library of resources and tools to support your director's work on the board
Unlimited access to our virtual and in-person events led by experts and NEDs
Opportunities to connect and collaborate with other board members from a variety of organisations across sectors and industries
Representation to policymakers and regulators including, but not limited to consultations and research
Association with the Institute of Board Members and professional body for non-executive directors and board members
Dedicated support from the NEDonBoard team, from onboarding to bespoke advice and introductions
Your benefits
Raise the level of your board's performance and contribute to the success of your company.


£600 / year

+VAT per company
(min. 3 board members)

Train and develop your board and leadership teams

We offer a range of training options for your board and leadership teams, whether they are serving as directors, on track to become board members or need to develop laterally as non-executive directors.

Find a professional NED to join your board and organisation

The NEDonBoard jobs board is a user-friendly and easy-to-use platform for organisations looking to recruit non-executive directors. We offer flexible and value-for-money solutions to meet your hiring needs.

Engage with our board community in the UK and beyond

Gain access to an influential, talented and skills community of board leaders. Associate your brand to the Institute of Board Members to champion long-term sustainability, innovation and prosperity.

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Included in 100 most influential membership bodies 2019: a prestigious recognition of the organization's impact and influence.
Awarded best non-executive membership organization in the UK for 2020.
Recognized as the top board member in the UK for 2021.
Recognized as the best board leadership development organization in the UK for 2022.
Voted most influential UK NED organization 2023.