Exploring the school governor non-executive opportunity

Start your journey to the boardroom with a school governor role Recommendations and guidance from an experienced school Governor and Chair of Governors   If you are starting your journey to become a non-executive director, you might want to consider becoming a school governor as a first step to building your portfolio career. The jobs…


Managing cyber risk to build resilient organisations

What are the latest cyber security developments and their impact on your board responsibility?   On 19th October, NEDonBoard welcomed the National Cyber Security Centre and Claudia Natanson, Chair at UK Cyber Security Council, for an educational cyber session. We discussed latest developments and emerging trends, case studies of recent incidents and outlined relevant questions…

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Call to non-executive directors: 5 considerations for your 2022 board agenda

Written by Karen Brice (Director at Grant Thornton LLP) In the current challenging environment, with the aftershocks of the last 18 months still being felt, what can boards do to ensure they are contributing more to support their organisations and stakeholders? Learning from the corporate decisions and actions taken during the pandemic will help us…

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How to protect yourself effectively against liability risk as a director?

How to protect yourself effectively against liability risk as a non-executive director and board member?   On 5th October 2021, NEDonBoard and McGill and Partners co-hosted a session aimed at informing the board member community on the liability risks to which they are exposed as directors and on protection measures and strategies that they should implement.…

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NEDonBoard l Positioning the Senior Independent Director Role in Modern Boards

What is the role of the Senior Independent Director in modern governance? The senior independent director is a feature of good governance as he/she supports the functioning of the board, de-risks its activities and can be a conduit for communication. Yet, there is little guidance on the role. This is why NEDonBoard invited experienced senior…