Data for the Board

On 23rd February 2021, NEDonBoard had the pleasure of welcoming three subject matter experts and non-executive directors to talk about data and data governance. (NEDonBoard members can view a recording of the presentations from our guest speakers on the topic).   Guest speakers Chris Morecroft is the Managing Director of ValidDatum, Data Protection Officer and…

non-executive director

How to become an effective non-executive director

How to become an effective non-executive director In this note, Elise Perraud, Chief Operations Officer of NEDonBoard, explains how to become an effective non-executive director (NED). The note answers frequently asked questions about the role and importance of NEDs, the compensation that NEDs receive and outlines the benefits of starting your journey to non-executive directorship…

digital transformation

Digital transformation: your role as a non-executive and board member

Written by Elise Perraud   In this blog, we discuss the digital transformation of businesses and the responsibilities of boards and non-executive directors in (i) developing their knowledge and skills and (ii) ensuring that their boards have suitable expertise, for the sustainable long-term success of their organisations. Digital transformation refers to the use of technology…