Corporate Governance Code

The Government’s latest Cyber Governance Health Report

The Government’s latest Cyber Governance Health Check Report, published July 2017, details the responses of a FTSE 350 survey (105 respondents), highlighting that ‘there is a growing understanding of how businesses could be impacted by a cyber incident that affects their key assets.’ The report also highlighted that Cyber risk of FTSE 350 boards is…


The Uk Stewardship Code

Overview This report aims to enhance the quality of engagement between investors and companies to help improve long-term risk-adjusted returns to shareholders. The Code puts together a series of principles and good practices that are meant to protect and enhance the value that accrues to the ultimate beneficiary. (An updated version of The UK Stewardship…


Corporate Governance Reform – Green Paper

Overview This Green Paper is designed to stimulate a debate on a range of options for strengthening the UK’s corporate governance framework, including options for increasing shareholder influence over executive pay and strengthening the employee, customer and supplier voice at boardroom level.   Download Document   (more…)

FRC – Guidance for Boards and Board Committees

Overview The FRC issues guidance and other publications to assist boards and board committees in considering how to apply the UK Corporate Governance Code to their particular circumstances. These publications cover board effectiveness, audit committees, risk management, internal control and related financial and business reporting.   Click here to find out more   (more…)

Prudential Regulation Authority

Overview This page contains latest news, the background and key changes to the accountability regimes for PRA regulated firms, together with links to materials and information on forms and policy development, and what’s coming up.   Click here to find out more   (more…)

The Essential Trustee

Overview Charity trustees are the people who share the ultimate responsibility for governing a charity and directing how it is managed and run. They may be called trustees, the board, the management committee, governors, directors or something else. This guidance explains what being a trustee involves, including what trustees do, who can be a trustee…