NEDonBoard - consensus of the board

Should a chair always seek consensus of the board?

NEDonBoard’s recent Board Best Practice – Chairs panel event was host to an eminent panel of experienced chairs, made all the more insightful by the variety of chair backgrounds and experience the panel had. These included FTSE, private, private equity, government, SME, and international organisations. (The full panel video will be available to members shortly in the NEDonBoard…

Being an effective NED

Experienced and effective NEDs: top tips and recommendations from your Professional Body

Non-executive directors and board members, as company directors, have responsibilities over the financial viability of the company on which they serve. The collapse of Carillion has exposed the failings of certain individuals and it is crucial for non-executive directors and board members to remain current, hear the perspective and views of boardroom experts and be…


NEDonBoard Response to the FRC Consultation upon the proposed ‘Wates Corporate Governance Principles for Large Private Companies’

Having identified the need for corporate governance principles applicable to large private companies, the Financial Reporting Council (FRC), on behalf of James Wates, CBE, published a consultation on a set of principles focused on improving transparency and accountability in this area. ‘Known as the Wates Corporate Governance Principles for Large Private Companies, the principles are…


Becoming a NED: top tips and recommendations from your Professional Body

Top Tips on Becoming a Non-Executive Director NEDonBoard defines the non-executive director as “a critical friend”. What does it mean? How do you become such a person? What are the skills that make a NED effective? How do you secure a NED role and how much do you earn as a NED? In this blog post, we answer the above questions and give you tips and…

NEDonBoard, Ryanair Strike

NEDonBoard urges Nomination Committee to consider whether their Boards are equipped to engage with their stakeholders.

The Ryanair situation offers an interesting case for our non-executive director and board member community. NEDonBoard is launching a consultation to hear the view of its members. We will be publishing the responses in an upcoming blog post.  In December 2017, Ryanair agreed to recognise trade unions for pilots and cabin crew in an attempt to head off…


What are the qualities of risk committee chairs? Expert interview with Marcia Cantor Grable

What are the qualities of risk committee chairs?   In April 2018, NEDonBoard hosted a Risk Committee Board Best Practice® evening event. Marcia Cantor-Grable was one of the panelists and NEDonBoard had the opportunity to interview her ahead of the panel discussion to get her view over the essential qualities that a risk committee chair should possess. …