The Benefit of Board Evaluations – Sharon Constançon

Sharon Constançon is Chief Executive of board evaluations and effectiveness company, Genius Methods; Chief Executive of VALUFIN, a foreign exchange risk management company; Chairman of the South African Chamber of Commerce; and a committee member of the CISI International Committee. Speaking at a recent NEDonBoard panel event, we asked Sharon a couple of questions about characteristics…


For The Aspiring Non-Exec: Commonly Asked Questions

As a membership organisation which hosts and participates in a multitude of non-executive director dedicated interviews, meetings and events each month, our team at NEDonBoard has excellent insight into the many pertinent questions on the minds’ of experienced and aspiring non-executive directors. From aspiring non-executive directors, common questions include: What does the role entail? How…

Corporate Governance Code

New Measures: Executive Pay and Corporate Governance Plans

The government has announced plans to introduce a new register of those publicly listed companies where at least 20 per cent of investors are unhappy with the amount its executives are paid. Proposed measures will be published this week, aimed at improving corporate governance of UK companies and boardroom behaviour, with the register being amongst…