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Highlights of NEDonBoard community Response to The UK Corporate Governance Code Consultation

On Tuesday Feb 27th, NEDonBoard submitted to the FRC it’s response to the consultation on the UK Revised Corporate Governance Code.  NEDonBoard thanks its members and audience for their contribution, in particular,  Elise Perraud, Nicky Heathcote and Laura Marianello. On 5th December 2017, the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) published proposals for the latest revisions to the UK Corporate Governance…


Why Bring a NED on Board?

From the boards of small businesses and charities through to public organisations and listed companies, non-executive directors can add a wealth of experience, governance and independent perspective to enable the management to focus on the best direction of the business for the benefit of the organisation’s stakeholders. As portfolio non-executive director and chairman Frank Lewis…


How to Raise Your Profile and Visibility for the NED Market

Some key points to help you raise your visibility and promote your personal brand. Written by Matt Craven The Non-Executive Director market is highly competitive and due to the importance of selecting the right NED, organisations rightly perform extensive due diligence on prospective candidates before making a hiring decision. A low-key or low-quality approach to…

Annemarie Durbin Nedonboard

Where do new non-executive directors often go wrong? NED Expert Interview with Annemarie Durbin

Having interviewed Annemarie Durbin , following a NEDonBoard panel evening, there are some clear considerations which best enable a Board to work effectively in harmony. From building relationships with the key stakeholders and management team to understanding culture dynamics in order to make a positive impact in any organisation. Following on from last week’s first part,…