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How Has the Non Executive Director Role have Changed between 2008 and 2015?

Not too long ago, many non-executive directors, or NEDs, played more of a ceremonial role in the board rather than a truly functional one. Many were appointed by senior executives simply to add some gravitas to a board, without toppling the applecart. However, the role and responsibilities of non-executive directors are rapidly changing. The days…

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How to Recruit the Right Non-Executive Director for Your Firm?

How to Recruit the Right NED for Your Company Many businesses, including smaller ones, employ the services of non-executive directors, or NEDs. A non-executive director does not assume the day-to-day running of a company but rather provides businesses with guidance and helps them make longer-term specific or strategic project-based decisions. Additionally, a non-executive director is…


Non Executive Director Report

Non Executive Director Market Intelligence All known relevant reports published concerning non-executive directors are available below. We do the market screening so you can focus on your non-executive role. These resources cover board responsibilities, corporate governance, diversity and women on Boards, directors’ duties and role, shareholder communications and non-executive director careers. This knowledge centre is…


What are the key differences between an executive and a non-executive directors?

In this blog post, we explore the differences between the roles of executive and non-executive directors. An executive director is a member of the board of a firm (or a non-profit organisation) who also has management responsibilities. A non-executive director (NED) is a board member without responsibilities for daily management or operations of the company or…