Highlights of our conversation with Sir Win, Chair of the FRC

NEDonBoard had the pleasure to welcome Sir Win Bischoff, Chairman of the FRC for a discussion with our members on the recently published UK Corporate Governance Code. The conversation was facilitated by Kathie Child-Villiers.   In this blog post, we outline a few of the topics that were covered during the conversation between Sir Win and Kathie Child-Villiers. Next week, we…


NEDonBoard launches a cadre of ‘BREXIT-READY’ directors needed to deal with Brexit

Corporate collapses tend to have one thing in common. Board directors who take their eye off the ball or misread risk. Brexit is the ‘mother of all risks’ facing corporate Britain today. The professional body for non-executive directors and Board members, listed on gov.uk, NEDonBoard has gathered a cadre of Directors ready to step up…

NEDonBoard - Board Papers

NEDonBoard calls for board members to thoroughly review board materials and go beyond the reported information

NEDonBoard calls for Board Members to thoroughly review board materials as well as go beyond the reported information and ask themselves what they are not being told. Quite a few corporate governance situations have made the headlines of UK newspapers throughout 2018. In the cases of Carillion and Patisserie Valerie, the role of the Finance…


Ryanair blog post follow-up from our community

This blog post goes back to the questions we sent our community in our newsletter a few weeks ago about the Ryanair public dispute and corporate governance situation. In August, NEDonBoard published a thought-provoking piece urging nomination committee to consider whether their boards are equipped to engage with their stakeholders. In our article, we reviewed…

Being an effective NED

Future-fit NED: tips and recommendations from NEDonBoard, the Institute of Board Members

Non-executive directors and board members, as company directors, have responsibilities over the financial viability of the company on which they serve. The collapse of Carillion has exposed the failings of certain individuals and it is crucial for non-executive directors and board members to remain current, hear the perspective and views of boardroom experts and be…