Cyber incident preparedness and response

On 16th March 2021, NEDonBoard hosted a cyber security event, focused on cyber preparedness and incident response. We welcomed back the National Cyber Security Center, with whom we organised 4 events in 2020. Insights from NEDs and subject matter experts, Jacob Abboud and Richard Preece complemented the NCSC presentation.   Guest speakers The National Cyber…


Why it may be beneficial for SME NEDs to have real ‘skin in the game’ in the form of shares or options

Written by Ifty Nasir   Do you have a stake in your company? As a non-executive director, you’ll know that NEDs contribute so much to the delivery of a company’s mission. Given NEDs’ substantial and measurable contribution, should they consider holding shares or options as part of their reward alongside a day rate?   It…

non-executive director

The implications for corporate governance of CEO emotions

In this blog, NEDonBoard publishes the findings of the survey performed by one of its valued members, Andrew Manning on CEO’s emotions and what it means for board decision-making and business governance.   Introduction Corporate governance is the system through which directors, or trustees, direct and control an organisation, and, increasingly, obtain assurance that the…

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Gender diversity and balance in UK boardrooms: celebrate progress but remain alert

Written by Elise Perraud The 2020 Hampton-Alexander report evidenced progress in achieving higher representation of women on boards and female directors but there are 5 reasons why board members and NEDs should remain alert.   Fifth and final Hampton-Alexander Review The 2020 report of the Hampton-Alexander Review was published end of February. This is the…


Data for the Board

On 23rd February 2021, NEDonBoard had the pleasure of welcoming three subject matter experts and non-executive directors to talk about data and data governance. (NEDonBoard members can view a recording of the presentations from our guest speakers on the topic).   Guest speakers Chris Morecroft is the Managing Director of ValidDatum, Data Protection Officer and…