NEDonBoard event

2020.08.18 NEDonBoard and Department for Education co-event Event highlights

As part of the NEDonBoard Diversity & Inclusion series for board members, NEDonBoard hosted a virtual event in partnership with the Department for Education to: promote public appointments with the NEDonBoard community of board professionals and non-executive directors; highlight diversity initiatives in place to increase the representation of under-represented professionals on the board of public…

Non executive director

Is public health expertise needed in UK boardrooms? Our answer to the call of the Harvard dean to US companies

Written by Elise Perraud On 16th August, the dean of Harvard’s school of public health, Michelle Williams called on companies to appoint public health professionals on their boards and C-Suite to manage the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, which may hang over businesses for years. Does such a call apply to UK boardrooms, their structure…