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Step into a chair role with confidence, impact and effectiveness, charting a course for a promising future. 
Serving on a board as its chair or taking on the chairship of a board committee is a rewarding leadership experience. It is an opportunity to advance your non-executive career by taking on a new role. An appointment as a board or committee chair also attracts additional compensation, reflective of the additional responsibilities and time commitment typically necessary to fulfil your responsibilities.
Develop your practice as a chair, leveraging your non-executive experience to step into a new board role
Position yourself to take on a chair role

Gain the knowledge and skills you need to secure a chair role, laying the foundations for a promising future.

Lead the board or a committee with effectiveness and impact

Enhance your capabilities to effectively fulfil your role and responsibilities as a chair, drawing the expertise and experience of directors for effective decision-making.

Advance your board career with a professional certification

Gain a certification, awarded by NEDonBoard, Institute of Board Members and accredited by the CPD Standards Office. “Chairship” is taught by experienced chairs, and subject matter experts.

What is the role of a board chair?

The role of the chair in modern governance is to provide strategic leadership and oversight to the organisation, and to ensure that the board is able to effectively discharge its responsibilities and make informed decisions for the sustainable success of the organisation which he/she chairs.

What are the knowledge and skills required to be an effective board chair?

An effective chair has a number of qualities that enable him/her to effectively lead and manage the board, including strategic thinking, listening and communication skills, leadership and adaptability. A robust understanding of governance and board effectiveness are also critically important.

Course objectives:

“Chairship” by NEDonBoard, Institute of Board Members aims to develop your knowledge and skills as an effective chair.

Understand the role and responsibilities of the chair; the importance of board leadership in organisational success.

Identify the skills, personal qualities, and behaviours of competent chairs.

Fully draw on the experience, skills and expertise of your fellow board and committee members; leverage key boardroom relationships.

Master the art of leading effective and focused meetings; facilitate open discussions and manage time.

Build a high-performing board; navigate difficult conversations; resolve conflicts and achieve consensus in an inclusive environment.

Prepare and succeed in your transition to the chair role.

What’s included?
Comprehensive curriculum

Insights, best practices, guidance and recommendations covering different aspects of the chair role, from legal and regulatory compliance to board dynamics.

Self-paced modules

Five hours of video content across 15 videos, delivered by experienced chairs and subject matter experts.

Board Best Practices®

Two Board Best Practices® white papers written in collaboration with the NED and board community, downloadable for personal use now and later.

Practical and actionable recommendations

Peer to peer learning proposition.

On-demand support

On-demand support through the platform to go further, get your questions answered and achieve your learning objectives.

Professional certificate

Completion certificate awarded by the Institute of Board Members. Course accredited by the CPD Standards Office.

Why take “Chairship” by NEDonBoard?

Commitment to ongoing professional development is one of the most important practical steps you can take to discharge your duty as a non-executive director, committee chair or board chair.


The chair role requires a new set of knowledge and skills to lead the board of directors, create an inclusive environment in which debates are constructive and boardroom dynamics are healthy and productive.


This course will cement your understanding of the chair role and of the qualities and competence you should develop to fulfil your duties and contribute with impact.


You will be awarded a certification from the Institute of Board Members upon completion.

What NEDonBoard members say.


Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions.

The “Chairship” course is aimed at:

  • Non-executive directors looking to step into a chair role
  • Non-executive directors recently appointed as committee chair or board chair
  • Board chair looking for ongoing professional development
  • Professionals who want to further their understanding of the chair role

The course would benefit non-executive directors looking for guidance and benchmark on what makes chairship impactful and effective. The modules led by experienced boardroom practitioners, NEDs, SIDs and chairs provide a standard of “what good looks like”. 

As the UK professional body for non-executive directors and board members and the Institute of Board Members, we have real-world experience of the ongoing professional development of non-executive directors and board members.

  1. Institute status.    
  2. Professional body status. NEDonBoard is an approved professional body representing non-executive directors and board members in the UK. As such, it is a not-for-profit organisation.

  3. Accreditation from the CPD Standards Office. The NEDonBoard board director training courses are approved by the CPD Standards Office.

  4. Independent membership body. We have worked in collaboration with experienced, knowledgeable and independent NEDs, chairs, board members and boardroom experts to deliver Chairship by NEDonBoard.

We estimate that 7 hours are necessary to complete our “Chairship” course. 


The course includes online, self-paced modules and links to additional reading and further resources. The length of our videos varies between 5 to 30 minutes, totaling 5 hours of high-quality, relevant, and actionable content. 


To complement and embed your learning, you will receive soft copies of our insightful Board Best Practices® publications. You should allow for an additional 2 hours to read the white papers.  

You will receive access to all course videos, expert interviews, and bonus materials for a 1-year period, giving you ample time to complete the course and review the materials a few times. 

On-demand online support is available for questions or clarifications. 

The course comes with a subscription to our weekly Tuesday newsletter for you to stay-up-to-date with boardroom developments and get information about activities within the NEDonBoard community.

While the NEDonBoard membership is not included in the price, you may want to consider this addition to develop you network, search the jobs board for chair vacancies and access our events to continue your learnings beyond the course.

Here are the guarantees NEDonBoard offers you when you sign up to one of our training courses. 

  1. Best in-class instruction: we guarantee that the thought leaders delivering the course are experts in their field and have the necessary qualifications and experience to teach the course material effectively.

  2. Relevant curriculum: we guarantee that the curriculum is relevant, and aligned with industry standards and current trends.

  3. Flexibility: we guarantee that the course is flexible and can be tailored to meet your needs and schedules.

  4. Support: we guarantee that you will have access to support throughout the course through the training platform.

  5. Credibility: we guarantee that the course is recognised and respected in the industry and will be viewed positively by potential employers.

  6. Satisfaction guarantee: we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the course or you will receive a refund in line with our T&Cs.

  7. Guarantee of track record: we guarantee that the course is well-established.

  8. Results: we guarantee that the course will have a positive impact on your non-executive director career, and you will see an improvement in your skills and knowledge as a result of completing the course.
Invest in yourself to develop your practice as a chair.

“Chairship” by NEDonBoard gives you everything you need to position yourself with success for the chair role and make a positive impact on the world.

Self-paced online learning programme. Highly flexible for portfolio non-executive directors engaged in board meetings across several organisations or those in a busy executive career.

Professionally certified by the Institute of Board Members.

Develop your leadership practice to step into a new board role with impact and effectiveness.

Step into a chair role with confidence, impact and effectiveness, charting a course for a promising future.