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Corporate Governance in the News

Last week saw the importance of good corporate governance within UK companies feature as a topic in columns of City A.M. and The Times; as well as The Independent highlighting the value of employee representation on boards.

As City A.M. phrased it, ‘fixing the corporate governance problem is a national necessity’, and The Times’ article, written by Commissioners of the IPPR Commission on Economic Justice, focused on the need for a focus on the long-term growth and success of British companies.

Non-Executive Directors play an important role in ensuring good corporate governance and are not just relevant to large blue chip companies, but play a vital role on the boards of many types of organisation.

In fact, if you speak to experienced board members of SMEs and start-up entrepreneurs, they will tell you, it’s never too soon to take on a non-executive director.

If your organisation, be it an SME or charity, in the public sector or a large corporate company, is considering the value which non-executive directors bring, we recommend you to get in touch with NEDonBoard as we launch a series of initiatives to champion the NED role throughout Autumn 2017. Email

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