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Training and leadership development for your board

We offer a range of training options for your board and leadership teams, whether they are serving as directors, on track to become board members or need to develop laterally as non-executive directors. 

Our internationally recognised NED qualifications, certified by the Institute of Board Members, bring a clear understanding of the responsibilities of a high-performing board so that you can achieve the highest standards of governance and decision-making in the boardroom. 

High-performing leaders seek out opportunities for growth and learning. As an aspiring or more established non-executive director, it is not enough to rely on past experience. One must constantly be learning, growing and adapting in order to bring value to the organisation.
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NEDonBoard, Institute of Board Members.
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How companies have used NEDonBoard, Institute of Board Members to develop their board and leadership teams

For mid-level managers to develop board level skills
For senior managers, on track to non-executive directorship
For existing and about-to-be-appointed board directors

Flexible and tailored in-house training for your board and leadership teams

NEDonBoard, Institute of Board Members are dedicated to helping organisations achieve their goals and reach their full potential. We offer bespoke board and director training, led by course leaders experienced and expert in their fields. Whatever your needs, we have a solution for you. 

Training is delivered by experienced non-executive directors and subject matter experts working with you

Our training couses develop the skills and knowledge required for your board and leadership teams to perform at the highest level. 

The NEDonBoard course leaders bring a wealth of experience and expertise. They are carefully and thoughtfully chosen for their ability to deliver the learning outcomes you have determined.

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The Board and executive management team thoroughly enjoyed the training and thought it was excellent.  The knowledge and experience that the NEDonBoard course leaders have in the field came across really well and the content was on point and well received. It has given us all a lot to think about.
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HR director
FMGG medium-sized business
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Included in 100 most influential membership bodies 2019: a prestigious recognition of the organization's impact and influence.
Awarded best non-executive membership organization in the UK for 2020.
Recognized as the top board member in the UK for 2021.
Recognized as the best board leadership development organization in the UK for 2022.
Voted most influential UK NED organization 2023.
We have trained professionals from and led development courses for leading organisations