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How to Best Engage in Your Role as a NED

Top 5 take-aways on how to best engage in your role as a NED – an interview with Michael Winslow

  • During your due diligence / induction, impromptu visits into the business can help better understand it and what is going on. This means being proactive; when things are not purposely and perfectly setup, then you see the real day-to-day workings within an organisation;
  • Invite open conversation as a Non-Executive Director (NED). Importantly, do not critically attack the executive or employee during these conversations as this can shut down honest insights into the business – instead ask questions to better understand what is going on and what can be improved upon;
  • Change behaviour before you change process;
  • Ask employees what they think are best practices that they can engage in. The board only has a limited view within an organisation and a business is stronger when everyone takes responsibility for being effective;
  • Balance and boundaries are important as a NED – there needs to be balance between doing your duty, being flexible and inquisitive in your role, as well as well as maintaining your independence.

Michael Winslow is a ‘successful Senior Executive who has experience at board level in both Executive & Non Executive positions. Currently operates in a Non-Executive capacity, advising businesses on their strategy, building an effective value proposition, and raising finance.’

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