NEDonBoard offers a wide range of high-quality events that are tailored specifically for the nationwide non-executive director network as well as board members. As the professional body for non-executive directors and board members in the UK, we are uniquely qualified to host meaningful, insightful and inspirational events for the extended non-executive director network.

Our programme of regular events covers everything from networking to expert panel discussions, keynote speaker events, and industry-recognised non-executive director training courses on relevant and contemporary boardroom topics. All of our well-attended events provide members of the NED network with valuable opportunities to share and gather industry knowledge, board best and emerging practices.

NEDonBoard brings the non-executive director network and board member networks together to learn from each other, as well as from the most prominent figures in government, industry, and business. With thought leadership events covering all the trending topics and best practices of the moment, our NED events offer unmissable opportunities to broaden your skillset.

Why attend a NEDonBoard event?

Attending a NEDonBoard event offers the following advantages:

  • Remain current and relevant
  • Make a positive and constructive impact in the boardroom
  • Ongoing professional development and continual learning to discharge your duty
  • High-level expert insights and knowledge sharing
  • Industry-recognised qualifications and CPD points of our training courses
  • Sharing of established and emerging best practices
  • Peer learning
  • Improved skill set and upskilling
  • Meaningful networking with NED and board members

In-person Event: London: Advisory board member introductions to startups / SMEs

In-person: June 14th 2023

From  17:00 – 19:00


In-person networking for start-ups & SMEs to connect with non-execs & board advisors, co-hosted with NatWest’s Accelerator in London.

In-person networking for start-ups & SMEs to connect with non-execs & board advisors, co-hosted with NatWest’s Accelerator in London.This is an exclusive event – open only to:

  • Members of NEDonBoard
  • Cohort members of the NatWest, RBS and Ulster Bank Accelerator


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NEDonBoard education and certification

With courses ranging from “How to Become an Effective NED” to “Finance in the Boardroom” and “How to Write your NED CV”, NEDonBoard supports its community seeking knowledge, professional development and inspiration. Become a future-fit board member contributing positively and constructively to boardroom debates and discharge effectively your director duty.

The NED Accelerator Programme

Fast-track your journey with the most credible NED training programme, uniquely combining fundamental governance knowledge and actionable roadmap to secure a first non-exec role.

FREE How to secure a first NED role webinar

Kickstart your NED career with our acclaimed 45-minute webinar. Find out more about the NED role, how to secure your first position and why invest in yourself.

NEDonBoard is positively received by board experts and practitioners who attend our events, October 2016

NEDonBoard is the platform for board members to connect, network and exchange ideas among peers.

“I learn more about being an effective NED and legal responsibilities: all was very useful and to the point”.

Dean James CBE, CEO at Future Care Capital

“Great course and speakers, there was much to learn and enjoy. Excellent tools to illustrate the concepts discussed”.

Tim Moore, CTO

“It was a great network meeting outstanding and unconditional people”.

Dario Ferraro, Non-Executive director, NEDonBoard member

“Perspective from experienced board members was most useful about the NEDonBoard evening event”.

Keith Strong, NEDonBoard member