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Step up to the chair role with confidence and competence


Unlock your leadership potential by stepping up to the chair role

Are you an experienced non-executive director looking to take the next step in your boardroom journey? Are you ready to step into the prestigious role of a board chair and lead with confidence and competence? Are you a recently appointed board chair looking to transition seamlessly into your new role? If so, read on.

Why you should you consider becoming a chair

Becoming a board chair is an opportunity to step into a position of leadership that carries profound influence and impact. It’s a chance to shape an organisation’s future, contribute your expertise to its growth and success, and make a lasting difference.

As a board chair, you’ll lead at the highest level, guiding strategic decisions, fostering ethical governance, and influencing the entire leadership team. It’s a path to personal growth and professional fulfillment, where your leadership skills are honed, your network expands, and your legacy is built through mentorship and governance.

If you’re passionate about driving change and creating positive impact, then becoming a chair may be the next transformative step in your boardroom journey.

Introducing Chairship by NEDonBoard, Institute of Board Members

At NEDonBoard, Institute of Board Members, we understand the unique challenges and responsibilities that come with being a chair. That’s why we’ve designed a comprehensive course to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed to excel in this pivotal role.

Our course is structured to provide you with a holistic understanding of the board chair role. Here’s what you can expect to gain:

  • In-depth knowledge. Learn about the distinct responsibilities of a board chair, including the importance of effective leadership, governance, and strategic planning.
  • Boardroom mastery. Explore the dynamics of boardrooms and discover strategies to foster a productive and inclusive environment.
  • Meeting excellence. Master the art of chairing board meetings, from crafting agendas that drive strategic discussions to ensuring efficient decision-making.
  • High-performing boards. Understand how to assemble and lead a high-performing board that is aligned with the organisation’s goals.
  • Relationship skills. Develop the ability to navigate key relationships both inside and outside the organisation; and inside and outside the boardroom.
  • Seamless transition. Prepare yourself for a successful transition from non-executive director to board chair (e.g. USP, interview questions, etc.), ensuring you step into your new role with confidence.

Chairship equipped me with the knowledge and skills I needed to confidently step into the role of a board chair. The practical insights shared by the experienced chairs were invaluable”.

“I gained a robust understanding of the differences between the interviews for non-executive director vs. board chair roles. The list of typical questions helped me to prepare and rehearse, leading to my success in the recruitment process”.

“As a recent graduate of the Chairship course, I can proudly report my appointment as board chair. The course’s emphasis on practical skills and on real-world challenges made it an enriching experience.”

Chairship graduates

Finding chair roles

The NEDonBoard membership, in addition to achieving professional recognition in the industry, can help you secure a board chair role. Our active and specialised jobs board offers a robust selection of chair roles. We recommend exploring opportunities regularly to stay at the forefront of available positions and connect with organisations actively seeking chairs. It’s a proactive approach that, together with a robust preparation, will enhance your chances of finding the right fit for your leadership journey.

Becoming a board chair is not just about assuming a title; it’s about becoming a strategic leader who guides their organisation to long-term sustainable success. If you’re ready to step into this influential role and lead with excellence, our Chairship course is your pathway! We would be delighted to embark with you on a transformational journey toward becoming an exceptional board chair.

Ready to take the next step? Visit for find out more and to enrol.

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Written by Elise Perraud, NEDonBoard COO

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