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Tech for Non-Tech Directors

Building your digital and tech expertise: upskilling for strategic impact in the boardroom.
At the Nedonboard cyber security conference in London, experts passionately discussing digital threats and innovative solutions.
As the business world has become tech-centric, understanding technology and digital is crucial for every board member and non-executive director. As a non-tech director, enhancing your tech knowledge will empower you to make decisions that boost innovation, streamline operations, and drive your organisation’s success. Turn tech and digital insights into strategic actions to lead and oversee with impact and confidence.
At the Nedonboard cyber security conference in London, experts passionately discussing digital threats and innovative solutions.
Enhance your tech and digital expertise for organisational success and non-executive career advancement
Understand technology trends

Learn how to oversee digital transformation and tech strategy, manage cybersecurity, grasp emerging technologies. Apply these insights to benefit your organisation or secure your next non-executive appointment.

Build tech expertise and develop a tech mindset

Develop the ability to work alongside tech teams, evaluate and oversee tech and digital investments, think through ethics and regulations, guide technology governance. You will be empowered to contribute to board discussions and decision-making.

Lead with confidence and impact

Fulfil your role as a non-executive director by applying your tech knowledge to drive innovation and operational efficiency. Lead and govern more effectively, with confidence and impact.

The tech and digital landscapes are rapidly evolving. It is crucial for current and future non-executive leaders to continually upskill and deepen their understanding of technology.

Staying current is necessary to maintain relevance and effectiveness in governance roles. The Tech for Non-Tech Directors Certificate is specifically designed to ensure that you don’t fall behind. You will be equipped you with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate and lead in a tech-driven environment.

The curriculum covers a range of tech and digital topics, from strategy, innovation, and governance to cyber security, data, ethics, artificial intelligence, emerging technologies, and tech-supported decision-making in the boardroom.

Learning objectives:

You will learn to structure the conversation at your next board meeting and address technology strategy, cybersecurity risks and digital transformation initiatives, and technology governance.

You will be empowered with the knowledge and skills required to contribute to technology-related discussions and decisions positively, confidently and with impact. You will ensure that your organisation(s) can navigate the complexities and opportunities of the digital era with success.

Understand tech trends and their relevance to your boards and organisations.

Navigate cybersecurity risks and protect the organisation’s digital assets.

Assess the impact and potential of emerging technologies.

Develop a tech mindset and collaborate with tech teams.

Leverage tech solutions for strategic advantages and opportunities.

Learn how to evaluate tech investments.

Oversee technology governance and incorporate ethical considerations into decisions.

Discharge your duty as a board member and non-executive director.

What’s included?
Exclusive resources delivered flexibly

4 hours+ of self-paced materials using varied formats to maximise your learnings, from presentations to expert interviews, white papers, downloadable summary sheets and highly valuable “questions for the board” to take to your next board meeting.

Board scenarios and simulations

2 interactive online workshops of 90+ minutes each to go through real-life board scenarios and directors’ dilemma to apply the course learnings and practice your tech and digital skills. Upcoming workshop dates: see below.

Expert course leaders

Delivered by subject matter experts, digital and tech non-executive directors and board professionals with undisputed expertise in the fields of digital transformation, data, cyber, artificial intelligence, ethics, regulations and more.

Certificate on completion

Certificate awarded by the Institute of Board Members to evidence your achievement and newly gained skills. Tech for Non-Tech Directors is one of the certificates of the NED Diploma.

Why enrol in the Tech for Non-Tech Directors Certificate

The Tech for Non-Tech Directors Certificate is designed to keep you at the forefront of digital and technological advancements, ensuring you remain up-to-date, relevant, and highly sought after in boardrooms. Committing to this course will help you fulfil your responsibilities under Section 172 of the Companies Act 2006.

By earning a certificate from NEDonBoard, Institute of Board Members, you showcase your commitment to continuous learning and demonstrate that your skills and knowledge are current and comprehensive. This commitment strengthens your professional profile, making you a contemporary and desirable professional for board positions.

At a Nedonboard conference, three men in suits deeply engaged in conversation, exchanging ideas and opinions on corporate governance strategies.
Date and Time
Upcoming workshop dates

Digital transformation

Wednesday, 4 September 2024 - 11 AM BST (online)

Artificial intelligence

Tuesday, 10 September 2024 - 8.30 AM BST (online)

Artificial intelligence

Thursday, 5 December 2024 - 11 AM BST (online)

Digital transformation

Thursday, 12 December 2024 - 11 AM BST (online)

What the NEDonBoard community say
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Included in 100 most influential membership bodies 2019: a prestigious recognition of the organization's impact and influence.
Awarded best non-executive membership organization in the UK for 2020.
Recognized as the top board member in the UK for 2021.
Recognized as the best board leadership development organization in the UK for 2022.
Voted most influential UK NED organization 2023.

Companies that have contributed, together with NEDonBoard, in the delivery of the Certificate

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Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions.

The Tech for Non-Tech Directors Certificate is designed for NEDs and board members who have limited experience or expertise in technology. It is suited for those seeking to enhance their understanding and oversight of digital transformation, cybersecurity, technology strategy, artificial intelligence, ethics, and regulatory compliance with their organisations.

You may sign up whether you are currently serving on a board as a non-executive or executive director or on track to an appointment.

You should allow 4 to 5 hours to go through the self-paced materials. Each of the two workshops will take 90 minutes to 2 hours, with an option to continue the conversation and network after the sessions.

The self-paced materials are easily digestible and can be watched in your own time at your own pace. So, you can move through the materials at a speed that’s right for you.

We strongly recommend that the self-paced materials be viewed prior to attending the interactive workshops.

As the UK professional body for non-executive directors and board members and the Institute of Board Members, we have real-world experience of the ongoing professional development of board members, whether you are new to the NED role or established as a non-executive director. 

You will receive access to all course videos, expert interviews, and bonus materials for a 6-month period, giving you ample time to review the materials more than once. We request that self-paced materials be studied prior to the workshops taking place. Upon sign-up, you will select the dates. You may change your selected dates once, subject to prior approval of the NEDonBoard team.

On-demand personal support is available for questions or clarifications.

The course comes with a subscription to our weekly Tuesday newsletter for you to stay-up-to-date with boardroom developments and get information about activities within the NEDonBoard community.

Some organisations have a training budget to support the professional development of their employees, senior leadership teams and non-executive directors. Please contact us at [email protected] to arrange invoicing.

Here are the guarantees NEDonBoard offers you when you sign up to one of our training courses.

  1. Best in-class instruction: we guarantee that the thought leaders delivering the course are experts in their field and have the necessary qualifications and experience to teach the course material effectively.

  2. Relevant curriculum: we guarantee that the curriculum is relevant and aligned with industry standards and current trends.

  3. Flexibility: we guarantee that the course is flexible and can be tailored to meet your needs and schedules.

  4. Support: we guarantee that you will have access to support throughout the course through the training platform.

  5. Credibility: we guarantee that the course is recognised and respected in the industry and will be viewed positively by potential employers.

  6. Satisfaction guarantee: we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the course or you will receive a refund in line with our T&Cs.

  7. Results: we guarantee that the course will have a positive impact on your non-executive director career, and you will see an improvement in your skills and knowledge as a result of completing the course.
Invest in your future as a forward-thinking, innovative and modern board leader.

Become a pivotal force on your board in the digital and tech domains.

Achieve recognition as a digital and tech NED.

Fulfil your duty with confidence.

Equip yourself with the skills and knowledge required of modern and professional NED.

Building your digital and tech expertise: upskilling for strategic impact in the boardroom



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