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NED Accelerator® – The Complete Programme

Secure a non-executive director role with confidence, ease, and success, setting the trajectory for an exciting future.
Group of three people having a discussion at a Nedonboard event.
Becoming a board member is a positive career choice for many professionals looking to grow their skills, contribute to an organisation’s success, and increase their status in the business world. As a non-executive director, you can take on new challenges and make valuable connections that will help you thrive. Whether you want to start a NED career alongside your executive role or as part of a portfolio career, your successful transition to the boardroom requires preparation.
Group of three people having a discussion at a Nedonboard event.
Fast track your journey to the boardroom, with the skills, knowledge and strategies to secure a position.
Get a deep understanding of the NED role

Consolidate your knowledge of governance and of the NED role.

Gain a professional qualification

Advance your board career with our accredited and industry-recognised qualification.

Secure a non-executive role

Access the NEDonBoard proven method to secure non-executive appointments.

Your step-by-step path to board roles

The NED Accelerator® – The Complete Programme will give you an in-depth understanding of the non-executive role, and the roadmap to secure your first or next appointment.

Years of accumulated knowledge, research, collaboration with experts, recruiters, and board members (who have distilled decades of combined experience) have gone into curating a Complete Programme, tailored to meet the unique NED challenges and aspirations of business leaders. The NED Accelerator course content is refined regularly, reflecting emerging practices and latest development in board recruitment.

Actionable insights and professional recognition

As part of our comprehensive programme, we provide exclusive NED CV and cover letter templates, accompanied by real-life examples of successful documents. These invaluable resources serve as a guide to help you craft a compelling application that stands out in the competitive landscape of board appointments. Additionally, we offer a curated list of interview questions and essential checklists that are indispensable for your board role preparation. You’ll be well-equipped to navigate the directorship path with confidence and competence and get appointed.

Programme objectives

The NED Accelerator – The Complete Programme will get you NED ready, with proven strategies, techniques and skills required for a board-level role.

Understand the non-executive director role, principles of good governance and ethical decision-making

Articulate a compelling value proposition to boards

Write high-impact application documents for interview shortlisting

Prepare for successful NED interviews

Select boards and organisations aligned with your background, USP and objectives

Contribute with impact from your first board meeting

What’s included?
Complete curriculum

Only course in the market combining fundamental governance refresher with a practical and proven roadmap and strategies to secure a role.

Impactful delivery

65+ self-paced modules using varied formats to maximise your learnings, from presentations to expert interviews, white papers, and links to go further.

Maximum flexibility

Accessible at any time, anywhere, in your own time, at your own pace and in the order most suited to you.

Expert course leaders

Delivered by subject matter experts, recruiters, non-executive directors and board professionals with extensive experience and undisputed expertise in their fields.

On-demand support

On-demand support to go further, get your questions answered and achieve your learning objectives.

Professional qualification

Professional qualification awarded by the Institute of Board Members. Course accredited by the CPD Standards Office.

Why take The NED Accelerator® - The Complete Programme?

Discharge your duty. Effective and successful non-executive directors are committed to their professional development to discharge their duties with impact.

Secure a non-executive role. The NED Accelerator Programme offers crucial knowledge and skills, sets out responsibilities, mitigates risks, and prepares you for interviews, aligned with board selection criteria.

Get professional recognition. Taking a course with the Institute of Board Members will enhance your credibility and prospects with a professional qualification in the industry (and will help you save time in the process).

Participants at a Nedonboard seminar, seated in a sunlit room with expansive windows, discussing governance strategies and enjoying the scenic view.
What NEDonBoard members say.
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Recognized as the top board member in the UK for 2021.
Awarded best non-executive membership organization in the UK for 2020.
Recognized as the top board member in the UK for 2021.
Recognized as the best board leadership development organization in the UK for 2022.
Voted most influential UK NED organization 2023.

Companies that have contributed, together with NEDonBoard, in the delivery of the Programme


Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions.

The NED Accelerator® – The Complete Programme is designed for professionals looking to transition to non-executive directorship successfully, quickly, and confidently.

When boards look to appoint a non-executive director, they are looking for candidates with a diverse range of skills and knowledge to contribute to their organisation’s sustainable success.

The NED Accelerator® – The Complete Programme is also a beneficial development course for those operating near board levels and looking to better understand the working of boards and responsibilities of non-executive directors.

Anyone who has held a senior executive position, consulted with boards, or developed transferable expertise and skills, can fast-track their progression and become board-ready and appointable by taking the NED Accelerator Programme.

Virtually 100% of all graduates of the NED Accelerator Programmes committed to applying the strategies they have learned have gone on to secure a NED role (source: graduate survey, 2022).

Graduates have given the NED Accelerator Programmes an outstanding learner experience score of 4.8/5.

Join this community of influential decision-makes that were once in your shoes.

The curriculum is structured in 4 parts, covering all aspects of the NED role and the recruitment process you should be familiar with to secure an appointment.


Part 1: Protecting your reputation.
We provide the governance knowledge you need to become a non-executive director and safeguard your reputation. Part 1 of the curriculum covers duties and responsibilities, corporate governance codes, conflicts of interest, ethical decision-making, and D&O insurance coverage.


Part 2: The roadmap to secure a non-executive position.
The NEDonBoard signature method provides a comprehensive, practical, and proven roadmap to guide you through the entire process and deliver the result you are after. Part 2 addresses value proposition, application documents, NED letter of appointment, interview questions, and much more.


Part 3: Deep dives into NED roles
We give you an in-depth understanding of the non-executive role in the private, public and third sectors. We also present the advisory board member opportunity. Part 3 of the curriculum allows you to think holistically about the opportunities available to you and help you consider new (exciting) options, so you secure a role aligned with your aspirations.


Part 4: Peer-to-peer learning
We feature case studies and interviews of experienced and recently appointed nonexecutive directors. In part 4 of the curriculum, you find out what strategies those in your shoes have applied. You uncover recommendations that will make all the difference in the NED recruitment process and lead to success.


Bonus: essential resources to enrich your journey. The curriculum includes white papers related to the role of the NED (our acclaimed white paper: “What to Expect of the NED role”), the due diligence and induction processes, as well as a comprehensive guide to prepare you for your NED interviews.

Homework will be completed throughout the programme, including the definition of your value proposition, identification of the boards you should target and writing of your NED CV. You will validate your learnings with our assessments.

You should allow a minimum of 30 hours to graduate with The Complete Programme.

The online course is self-paced, so you can move through the materials at a speed that’s right for you. The length of our videos varies between 10 to 40 minutes, totalling over 15 hours of high-quality, relevant, and actionable video content.

As the UK professional body for non-executive directors and board members and the Institute of Board Members, we have real-world experience of the ongoing professional development of board members, whether you are new to the NED role or established as a non-executive director.

  1. Institute and professional body status. We represent non-executive directors and board members in the UK and are a not-for-profit organisation.

  2. Accreditation from the CPD Standards Office.

  3. Ongoing and in-depth collaboration with experienced, knowledgeable and independent NEDs, chairs, board members and boardroom experts to deliver the NED Accelerator® Programme.

Board opportunities come up daily as boards reassess the adequacy of their composition, add new skills and as directors rotate off, because they are retiring or reaching the end of their tenure. Preparing for NED roles today ensures that you are ready when the right non-executive position becomes available tomorrow.

The NED Accelerator – The Complete Programme is self-paced, with each modules taking 10 to 40 minutes to complete. No order is enforced, so that you can select the module you want and move through the materials at a speed that’s right for you. The delivery is highly flexible so whether you are still in a full-time executive role, juggling several consulting projects or transitioning off your current position, the Programme will work for you.

100% of professionals completing the course, applying the recommendations and strategies outlined and applying for roles aligned with their background secure a non-execution position.

You will receive access to all course videos, expert interviews, and bonus materials for a 1-year period, giving you ample time to complete the course and review the materials a few times.

On-demand personal support is available for questions or clarifications.

The course comes with a subscription to our weekly Tuesday newsletter for you to stay-up-to-date with boardroom developments and get information about activities within the NEDonBoard community.

NEDonBoard offers a NED CV review service for those of you being more comfortable with an expert having reviewed your application document. A fee of £350 + VAT will apply to you as a participant in the NED Accelerator – The Complete course for a 30-min 1:1 delivery session. A NED CV review service alongside the review of your cover letter for a specific application is priced at £500 +VAT (60-min 1:1 session).

Some organisations have a training budget to support the professional development of their employees and retain staff, so it’s worth having a conversation with your manager or HR director. When discussing the possibility of them covering the cost, we recommend you present the following programme information and benefits:


  • Comprehensive course curriculum
  • Experienced course leaders
  • Online and at your own pace to avoid business disruption
  • Skills developed on the course
  • CPD credits associated with the programme
  • Programme delivered by a not-for-profit professional body and institute

Once you’ve received confirmation from your company, you’ll need to work out a payment plan.

If you are an organisation looking to train and certify multiple senior executives or professionals at your company, please email [email protected] for information.

Payment plans are available on request. Please contact [email protected] for information.

Here are the guarantees NEDonBoard offers you when you sign up to one of our training courses.

  1. Best in-class instruction: we guarantee that the thought leaders delivering the course are experts in their field and have the necessary qualifications and experience to teach the course material effectively.
  2. Relevant curriculum: we guarantee that the curriculum is relevant and aligned with industry standards and current trends.
  3. Flexibility: we guarantee that the course is flexible and can be tailored to meet your needs and schedules.
  4. Support: we guarantee that you will have access to support throughout the course through the training platform.
  5. Credibility: we guarantee that the course is recognised and respected in the industry and will be viewed positively by potential employers.
  6. Satisfaction guarantee: we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the course or you will receive a refund in line with our T&Cs.
  7. Guarantee of track record: we guarantee that the course is well-established.
  8. Results: we guarantee that the course will have a positive impact on your non-executive director career, and you will see an improvement in your skills and knowledge as a result of completing the course.
Invest in yourself to secure non-executive roles with success.

The NED Accelerator – The Complete Programme gives you the knowledge, skills and strategies you need to secure non-executive positions.

Start now, get ready for NED roles.
Get professionally recognised in the industry with a qualification.
Secure a NED role with ease, confidence and success.


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