NEDonBoard is the Professional Body for Non-Executive Directors & Board Members in the UK

NEDonBoard is the professional body for NEDs & Board Members in the UK. Join your community of non-executive directors and business leaders.

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Join us for our next event in London. April 24th.
NEDonBoard is pleased to host a panel discussion around best practices for board risk committees in the financial services sector. The panellists brought to you by NEDonBoard are passionate risk professionals with extensive experience of the boardroom as executives (CEO and CRO) and non-executives (portfolio NED). The panel discussion will be followed by a networking session.

As an experienced or aspiring non-executive director, it is important to continue to strive for best practices and continue your learning and understanding of the role you are in.

An insightful evening for any non-executive director keen to keep engaged with current board level thoughts, discussions and best practices.

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NEDonBoard Annual Conference. London, March 20th. Tomorrow's Business: Tomorrow's Board by NEDonBoard. NEDonBoard is the officially approved body of non-executive directors and board members in the UK
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Nick Beecroft on Financial Non-Exec Career Advice: an experienced Non-Executive Director shared with NEDonBoard advice for Non-Executive Directors in the financial services industry.

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