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Next Event in London, Sept 26. A panel discussion which promises to be highly interesting for non-execs, chairmen and board level professionals, focussing on The Effects of Culture and Diversity in the Boardroom, including how regulation affects behaviour and effectiveness, particularly within the financial services. With an exceptional panel lined up, we look forward to hearing from experienced chair and current :

Chairman of the FRC, Sir Winfried Bischoff; CEO of Citigroup, November – December 2007, Chairman of Citigroup 2007–2009, Chairman of Lloyds Banking Group, 2009–2014. FTSE 250 portfolio NED Annemarie Durbin. Chair of the UK Listing Authority Advisory Panel to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Independent Non-Executive Director of Ladbrokes Coral PLC, Santander UK PLC, WH Smith PLC. Chairing the panel is Sharon Constancon, CEO of Genius Methods.

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Alystair Lyons CBE, Admiral Chairman

Posted by NEDonBoard on Wednesday, April 5, 2017

We also provide a great live platform for aspiring and experienced non-executive directors to meet and network with others business leaders. Join us for our next event.

Looking to become a non-exec: Advice from NEDonBoard member

Nick Beecroft on Financial Non-Exec Career Advice: an experienced Non-Executive Director shared with NEDonBoard advice for Non-Executive Directors in the financial services industry.

Looking to become a NED? Advice from experienced financial ser...

Nick, an experienced non-executive director and CEO of HP Economics shared with NEDonBoard some of his top pieces of advice for non-executive directors, given his background in financial services. Dated April 2016, his interview is both interesting and succinct.

Posted by NEDonBoard on Monday, May 1, 2017

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