Our mission is simple: lead the independent director profession. We serve non-executive directors by promoting the highest standards of professional excellence, ethics and professional education for board members. We connect business leaders to organisations that need their expertise: UK businesses, charities, public and private organisations. When you join NEDonBoard, you access people, jobs, news, events and insights to enhance your non-executive director life. NEDonBoard is The Professional Organisation for Non-Executive Directors.


To ensure businesses, public organisations and charities thrive. NEDonBoard supported thousands of business leaders to reach the next level in their NED career. It serves hundreds of businesses, public and private organisations, SMEs and charities to identify and connect with non-executives. This is how NEDonBoard contributes to the UK economy: by making it easy for NEDs to lead and inspire wisely Boards that need their experience and expertise.

Nowadays, NEDonBoard is a socially conscious, not for profit organisation that ensure experience, connection and knowledge are brought to the boards of public and private companies requiring this much needed independent expertise. We believe networking, contribution and knowledge are the key determinants of long-term success as a non-executive director.

Who we are

We are The Professional Organisation for Non-Executive Directors. We serve non-execs and the companies that look for their expertise. We connect, brand, inform and prepare business leaders for success in their non-executive director portfolio career. NEDonBoard’s mission is articulating around three pillars:

  • Connection: organize online and offline events, publish Board role offers;
  • Knowledge: serve all non-executive directors or business leaders seeking knowledge, professional development or inspiration;
  • Leadership: set the standards for effective governance and represent the voice of non-executive directors in the UK.

Who we are not

We are not a recruitment company. We believe, given their level of expertise, opportunities should come to NEDs, not the other way around. Non-executive directors should have a variety of choices, all presented in one place.

How we do it

We succeed through online and offline networking and market intelligence. Since 2013, NEDonBoard has become the main non-executive directors organisation. If you are an experienced Non-Exec, we can ensure that you have access to the best market intelligence – wherever and whenever you need it. If you are looking for your first role, we will make sure that you are kept up-to-date with the latest opportunities and we will help you to be first in line, and best prepared.

If you are a non-executive director or interested in a non-executive role, apply to NEDonBoard today. Simply upload your profile, get Board positions, register to our next event, connect with your peers and get instantly identified as a non-executive director by those looking for business leaders.