NEDonBoard urges Nomination Committee to consider whether their Boards are equipped to engage with their stakeholders.

The Ryanair situation offers an interesting case for our non-executive director and board member community. NEDonBoard is launching a consultation to hear the view of its members. We will be publishing the responses in an upcoming blog post. In December 2017, Ryanair agreed to recognise trade unions for pilots and cabin crew in an attempt to head off…


What are the qualities of risk committee chairs? Expert interview with Marcia Cantor Grable

What are the qualities of risk committee chairs?   In April 2018, NEDonBoard hosted a Risk Committee Board Best Practice® evening event. Marcia Cantor-Grable was one of the panelists and NEDonBoard had the opportunity to interview her ahead of the panel discussion to get her view over the essential qualities that a risk committee chair should possess. …

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The New UK Corporate Governance Code – by Mark Cardale, Part I

The long-awaited final version of the UK Corporate Governance Code was published on 16 July, 2018, reflecting the results of the consultation carried out by the FRC on a draft of the new Code (the “draft Code”) which closed in February. Along with the final version of the new Code, the FRC has also published a final version of its new Guidance on Board Effectiveness and a Feedback Statement on…

NedonBoard Carillion

Carillion’s collapse: lessons learned

NEDonBoard has been compiling views from its community following the collapse of Carillion. Members were asked to share with us the main lessons that they have learned, having regards to ‘what went wrong’, given that these may provide useful learning experience to NEDs. Today, we are publishing the view of Laura Marianello, writing in her…


Carillion’s collapse provides important corporate governance lessons

On 15 January 2018 Carillion plc was forced into liquidation. Prior to its demise, Carillion was a multinational construction services and facilities management company with headquarters in Wolverhampton, United Kingdom. Carillion, prior to its liquidation, had liabilities of about £7 billion, was the second largest construction company in the UK, was listed on the London…


NEDonBoard calls for tougher requirements on NEDs and board members following the collapse of Carillion

The collapse of Carillion has reignited debate about the effectiveness of non-executive directors. Specifically, the report issued by the Parliamentary select committee in May outlined the role of Carillion’s board of directors in the collapse of the company. As the Professional Body for the non-executive director and board member community, NEDonBoard calls for non-executive directors…

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UK large private companies: FRC consultation on the Wates Corporate Governance Principles opened

On 13 June 2018, a public consultation was issued by the FRC on the draft Principles of the Coalition Group led by James Wates CBE on corporate governance for large private companies. The consultation will close on 7 September 2018 and the final Principles and guidance will be published in December 2018. As the Professional…