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Equality, diversity and inclusion

NEDonBoard: “Happy International Women’s Day in the Boardroom”

NEDonBoard International Women's Day

We truly appreciate just how much more effective better-balanced boards are thanks to the many inspiring women we have worked with, including our outstanding advisors and our remarkable NEDonBoard community members.


For example,FTSE 250 NED Anne-Marie Durbin, spoke with us during an interview addressing questions around boardroom culture, the positive and negative factors relating to engagement in the boardroom and where new non-executive directors often go wrong.


This month we are also looking forward to hearing insights from Elisabeth Stheeman, experienced FTSE 250 Non-Executive Director, further exploring this important topic – Leadership and Culture: Empowering Women and Diverse Boards. Increasingly regulation (including the FRC’s Corporate Governance Code) and boards are considering the benefits of diversity on boards – but what does this look like in practice and how do you empower individuals on a diverse board? As business leaders, we can all benefit from discussions around effectively engaging with our fellow board members….be they men, women, from the LGBT community, of different ethnic backgrounds and cultures, generations, or with different expertise and perspectives.


But today, we just wanted to acknowledge our women Board members!


Written by Liv Noble