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Your opportunity to contribute


The Coronavirus outbreak has triggered an unprecedented health and economic crisis across the globe, to which all boards, regardless of the type of organisations, activities and sectors have had to respond.

Like you, NEDonBoard has had ad-hoc board meetings. We implemented our contingency plans and have communicated with its stakeholders, the primary of whom are you, our members and subscribers.

As we enter the third week of isolation, we want to provide more support to NEDs and board members that may not have the experience of dealing with a crisis but are under tremendous pressure to take tough and timely decisions for the sustainability – if not the survival – of the organisations on which they serve.


As a NED and board member, contribution is one of your drivers.

What if you could support companies and organisations by providing your expertise while being in self-isolation?


Share your knowledge and experience and, in the process, promote your skills to the wider board community in the UK:

  • Take 5 minutes to answer a short survey about your C-19 board experience. We will share the results with all respondents: LINK.
  • Record an interview (5 to 10 minutes) with NEDonBoard outlining 3 best practices when dealing with a crisis. NEDonBoard will make your insights and recommendations available to all organisations for free to better equip boards to deal with the C-19 crisis. Your contribution may make a real difference to the British board community and ultimately save jobs.


Examples may include:

  • Successful board decision-making in a remote working environment;
  • Effective stakeholder engagement and communications;
  • Sound understanding of risk exposures and implementation of mitigation plans;
  • Etc..

Are you in? Email us at [email protected] for further information.

Or access the NEDonBoard blog and NED Library.


We very much look forward to hearing from you and supporting boards in being better equipped to meet the challenges of the Coronavirus crisis.


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Written by Elise Perraud, NEDonBoard COO


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