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Letter from the NEDonBoard executive team to the NEDonBoard community


Letter from the NEDonBoard executive team to the NEDonBoard community


Dear NEDonBoard members and subscribers,


NEDonBoard has been on the front-foot of the Coronavirus outbreak: we attribute it to the strength and diversity of our team.

In the past week, NEDonBoard has adjusted its event programme, adding webinars and online content as well as postponing selected events where necessary. Be assured that no activities have been cancelled. Registered attendees and NEDonBoard Event Members will, therefore, be able to attend the events to which they registered (potentially at a later date) as well as access high-quality content (as always delivered by NEDs for NEDs). More on events and training courses below.


Our first thoughts go to those impacted by the coronavirus. We wish a prompt recovery to those of you who are sick and those of you who have loved ones fighting the coronavirus. We express our gratitude to the health professionals on the front line. Thank you.


FREE enhanced jobs listing: small businesses looking for NED to weather the impact of the Coronavirus crisis

NEDonBoard is offering its enhanced jobs listing for FREE to any SMEs looking to add a non-executive director to its board. Please email [email protected].

NEDonBoard members include NEDs with extensive experience in disaster recovery and business transformation who would be ideal additions as a NED and board member.


FREE membership: NHS staff looking to transition to a non-executive directorship

NEDonBoard looks to support health professionals who are at the forefront of the fight against Coronavirus, helping people infected and saving lives. We will offer you a complimentary NEDonBoard membership. Simply email us at [email protected] when this is the right time.



If you have registered to any March, April, May or June events and have questions, please email us at [email protected].

In making decisions, we always prioritise the health and safety of the NEDonBoard community and the value we deliver to our members. Our revised programme of events can be accessed at this link. All events have been moved online and new webinars and online sessions have been added, including networking. We do hope to continue servicing our member community and bring as much value as we can in the coming months.


Our complimentary webinar “How to secure your first NED role” continues. Register your attendance at a time that is convenient for you.


Our NED Accelerator Programme is an entirely online programme and can be accessed by signing up HERE. These days of remote working may prove to be a catalyst for professionals to start their NED journey on firm foundations.


Our monthly round-table events are going ahead but will be virtual. Our monthly round-table events are by invitation only.


We take this opportunity to remind our members to access the NEDonBoard jobs board as lots of vacancies remain open, and organisations continue to post NED roles and recruit non-executive directors to their boards!


As your world is changing, we are here to support you. In a way, NEDonBoard exists for times like these. Every organisation responding to this unprecedented crisis needs agility and prompt decision-making. NEDonBoard supports the competence of boards in realising today’s opportunities and meeting tomorrow’s challenges.


Lastly, we want to recognise that as fellow humans, these are unprecedented times. But stay calm, and know that humanity has made it through similar events before, and we will make it through again. Do keep your distance. Flattening the curve by #StayingHome is real, and will help save lives in communities.


And get in touch with us with any questions you might have by emailing [email protected].


Thank you, and we are here for you.


The NEDonBoard executive team