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Building an internal pipeline through trustee and NED roles to increase diversity in the boardroom



Addressing the under-representation of ethnic minorities in UK boardrooms through building a strong and diverse executive pipeline

Boards and non-executive directors have a key role to play in building more diverse and inclusive environments and workforces that are representative of society. When it comes more diverse and inclusive boardroom, NEDs, chairs and members of nominations committees are responsible for increasing the representation of under-represented groups.

Black History Month 2020 has been a new opportunity for NEDonBoard to alert decision-makers on the urgency to address culture, diversity and inclusion issues. In a series of blogs published in the past few weeks, we explore levers that boards can use to create positive change.


In this third blog, we look at building a diverse pipeline of talents.

In working with professionals from an ethnic minority background on their professional development plan, the C-Suite and HR departments should identify high potential. They should nurture and retain them so that they build a robust internal pipeline, which can be tapped into when new opportunities arise, and promotions are debated.

It is important for executives and HR professionals to highlight how becoming a trustee or a non-executive director can be an effective way for professionals from ethnic minorities to gain new skills and position them for executive promotions.


Becoming a trustee and NED allows a professional to develop further their business acumen and strategic thinking, which are two important attributes needed to progress an executive career further.


As the professional body for NEDs and board members, NEDonBoard organises regular events to raise awareness of the NED role and of opportunities available. We designed a fit-for-purpose training programme for professionals looking to transition to non-executive directorship to ensure success at every step of the board appointment process.


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Written by Elise Perraud, NEDonBoard COO


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