What do you need to include in your NED CV?

What to include in your NED CV

Creating a Non-Executive Director CV (NED CV) is a special type of CV. Most CV’s should be limited to two pages but the NED CV often runs 2-4 pages because of the unique requirements of the position. These positions have some unique qualities and require a different king of experience. Here are some of the qualities to consider when putting together your history. The most effective non-exec CV will emphasize these qualities throughout the CV.

Skills needed for the non-executive director position

  • Diplomacy – this ability forms the basis for many actions and relationships as an NED. Political savvy and skill is a must for this job. Your CV should demonstrate the times you used this attribute.
  • Leadership abilities – this job is about leading a business or organization. Show effective a leader that you are on your CV.
  • Business ability – point out how you find new business opportunities, clients, institute change and keep a business going.
  • Sound analytical skills – Include your abilities to analyze data and other points of business and use this to make good business decisions.
  • Integrity – show how you handled situations when you needed to make choices to maintain your self worth.
  • Interpersonal skills – showcase the abilities you have with interpersonal relationships – such as public speaking, networking and memberships in associations.

The 5 blocks approach

Your NED CV needs to start off with a block containing your personal contact information. This should be easy to read and stand out on the CV.

The second block should include a candidate profile about your background. This is not the same as a résumé it is a general view of who you are, where you came from and where you want to go.

The next block should include your previous board and current experience on or with company boards. Include acting as a Trustee, Governor, Company Secretary or other board level consultant.

The fourth block includes a review of your career experience. This needs to be honest, but don’t worry about periods of time without a position. That is not important here. You should go back about 10 years or so, but include relevant jobs.

The last block should include education, certificates, memberships, any professional competencies, and whatever else you bring to the table. Keep the main qualifications in mind here.

Lastly, make sure your non-exec CV is presented with good grammar, an edited appearance, and printed on professional paper. Paper and the fonts used are another way to make your CV standout among the rest. Then make sure to diffuse it to the relevant decision maker. And again, network, network, network.

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